Fresh Off Seoul Fashion Week; 5 Korean Designers You Need To Know

A force to be reckoned with doesn’t even begin to describe the cultural epicenter that is Seoul, and by extension, South Korea. For nearly a decade now, the world over and their mothers have been savoring every drop of the Korean Wave – aka “hallyu” – whether it is the K-pop trend, tear-jerking K-dramas or the feverishly growing K-beauty industry. Lately, the spotlight has expanded to include the country’s fashion scene, proving that South Koreans still have plenty of talent rolled up in their sleeves. The zenith of the phenomenon only gets higher every day. Just when you think the bubble will burst, it only expands. Fresh off Seoul Fashion Week; 5 Korean Designers you need to know now.

The traditional “Big Four” capitals of  fashion lexicon has always been New York, Paris, London, and Milan. Every now and then Tokyo gets a notable mention. But the roster of cities have started popping up and doing their own thing. And with all that is going on in Seoul – particularly at the most recent Seoul Fashion Week and all the media coverage it’s received – this booming fashion capital is only making it’s mark up on the ranks. Here are my round-ups of some of my favorite looks from five stand-out labels that got my attention – Kye, Bourie, Rocket x Lunch, Pushbutton and CTRLCCTRLV– and that the rest of the world needs to know, stat.

YoLee xo

  • sgstyling

    just what I was thirsting for! thanks for the tips! Push Button, Bourie and CtrlCCtrlV look really cool!

  • Online browsing over coffee sorted ..;) You’re my secret (or not so) fashion mentor. I’ve no clue who to even check out when it comes to fashion peeps’ names! Thank you for intro to this fun, colorful and vibrant world!

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    love this! I am always intrigued by other culture and its fashion scene!

  • so awesome!! and so informative!! I love when you curate the coolest labels!!!! please do more of it!!!!

  • perfect read over some latte – a perfect way to start off my long weekend! I need more inspos please!!!