Top Trending Earrings Of Summer 2016

I have always been more a rings (and the occasional necklace) type, but as of lately, I have been obsessing and really getting into bold statement earrings! Here are my top trending earrings of summer 2016.

Did I ever mention my (the former) “Bruce Jenner” mid-life-crisis moment and decided to get my ears pierced just a few years ago? If not, feel free to LOL at me, here.

But seriously, call it what you will, but I have grown to greatly appreciate that earrings can instantly dress up any outfit. And sometimes it makes a stronger statement than necklaces do. I have been shopping and growing quite the collection.

I have made a list of some of my current favorites (some as low as $50!) below, so happy browsing shopping!












If you missed the memo, stacking rings and bracelets and bib necklaces are out. And statement earrings are what’s in this summer.

Cannot wait for the warm weather to start!

Yvette xo


  • fancydaint

    love the selections! I am obsessed with those shourouk one’s but shocked that there is a cheaper version by bb! thanks for that!

  • sgstyling

    those Ben-Amun & Chloe are too cute!! Ever since the Dior one’s I have been going gaga w bold earrings too ah!! Time to do some Friday online shopping therapy! lol ;-) happy weekend to you! x

  • whenHarrymetSally

    great selections!! love them all!

  • I still can’t let go of my bib necklaces tho! Ive invested far too many for my liking to just ditch them! I wanna see your collection! :)

  • Casey_D

    all very trending pieces at the moment! I just got the shourouk totem earrings so I am happy to know that you approve! and your reference to Bruce Jenner moment post is hialarious!!! LOL Happy Friday!

  • I’ve been more of a ring person too, but these earrings are all too stunning!!

  • dothedewS

    I am such an earrings gal from the minute I got my ears pierced in junior high! So I am definitely excited to see earrings coming back in full force!