Yeezy 3 Show At Madison Square Garden And Kanye West TLOP Album

I am all for Art, and even more when two of my favorite forms merge together, and that’s fashion & music. And last night when the Yeezy 3 Show at Madison Square Garden and Kanye West TLOP Album unveiling was a hybrid between a concert and theatrics, I felt torn.

For one, I used to respect Kanye West as a Musician when he first released his album, it was fresh and his lyrics were creative, but when he started to get all “Yeezus” and let hot air get to his head, well, that was that. And when he decided to tap into fashion and dubbed himself a “creative genius”, I silently wept inside and just bit my tongue, hard. And his Season 2 Collection of neutral basics were even bearable but nothing out of the ordinary. I can even get past his collaboration with Adidas and his Yeezy boosts. And when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married, I thought “bravo!” Those two are made for one another.

West’s latest Yeezy 3 collection shown yesterday at Madison Square Garden was something from an apocalypse. The clothes were high end street wear, hobo-chic. I can picture a piece every now and then caught in the lens of Julien Boudet of bleumode (one of my favorite street photographers) because he knows how to capture moments and make the it look so damn cool. Or one of the Kardashians decked out in it head-to-toe. But I unequivocally prefer the former, for the sake of my own sanity.

Those thousands of cast (I hesitate to call them models) standing stock still is the work of his artist collaborator Vanessa Beecroft, but what exactly was the purpose of this? was it West’s interpretation of the current reflection of the streets of America and how the world outside of fashion views the spectacle that goes on during fashion week? Maybe I am looking deeper than I am supposed to.. or perhaps he’s onto something? Nah.


The closest thing fashion-y about the show at this point were the presence of Anna Wintour sitting frow and the likes of fashion icons; Naomi Campbell, Veronica Webb, Liya Kebede and Alek Wek (each in body-stockings and big fur coats) as part of the show.


If there were two take-aways from the evening was that West is releasing an album called TLOP, The Life Of Pablo, and if the album cover title isn’t much of a giveaway, yes, “Pablo” is Picasso (one of the pantheon of maverick geniuses) which West has self-proclaimed himself to be apart of. And the other, was a Video Game that West has created as a tribute to his beloved Mother. Donda, as an angel riding a Pegasus in pixel form. Feels more like an eerie Yeezus heaven klan. Every Kardashian-Jenner, from Kris and Caitlyn down to North, wearing kustom white Yeezy x Balmain ensembles that Olivier Rousteing designed for them. (Yes, he’s there, too. As is Lamar Odom, because Yeezus Heaven forbid we forget Lamar Odom, though I truly do feel bad for the guy… but I digress.) In Yeezus heaven you get to be closest to Yeezus himself at his altar, the DJ booth, and hang with A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz and Tyga and Jayden Smith – oh and a lot of blunts. And THIS is not something we question, because who questions miracles?


But seriously, all theatrics and joints aside, I have to ask, where is the fashion? what happened to fashion? Is Anna Wintour’s presence relevant to fashion anymore, or is her attempt to stay relevant the-joke-at-large now?

If he has now come to writing lyrics? (according to his twitter rants; the word bitch in the world of hip-hop is a term of endearment like how hip-hop artists uses the “n-word” but since I will never understand the latter, I won’t even bother arguing the former. but it makes me wonder if his wife and daughter are inclusive to this endearing word?disses? (nope, because apparently he spoke to Taylor and got her blessing) harassment? such as; “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that b—- famous / God damn / I made that b—- famous.” of his track called “Famous” then I really feel sorry for him. I don’t even care for Taylor Swift or her songs, but the dude needs to get a grip. I mean, what a waste of talent.

If there is one thing that I can give credit, where credit is due, is that Kanye West sure knows how to make something personally meaningful out of media spectacles.

What do you think of the clothes? And West’s approach to fashion? Lets discuss.

Yvette xo

  • whenHarrymetSally

    aughhhhhhhh my instagram feed is just bombarded with all this horrendous shit!!!! WHY is he doing this to us!!!! him and his Kardashian crew needs to just buy an island and live in it absorbing themselves with mirrored walls so that they can drown in their vanity!!!!! so sick and tired of their garbage, and we as a society needs to ban them from media. good grief!

  • whenHarrymetSally

    anyone that calls this garbage “EPIC” has gone to shit.

  • Veejay

    please don’t associate Kanye West and fashion. Utter disgrace. Is he making a mockery of society?

  • Carcia & Telly

    This entire thing has nothing to do with fashion. This is certainly a man who needs to fill his own ego. We too Love/Loved/Love to dislike Kanye. He has moments of brilliance, but it is smeared and jaded (lately). This entire thing almost looks like a joke….The fashion that IS displayed is really anything I could assemble at my favorite retail store with some Walmart finds. Art is Fashion and Fashion is Art, so I’m not sure how our opinion really matters, but then again, this is what comes along with at least 97.5% of celebrity fashion collections. Fan Fare. How do you make a sneaker and mail it out to all the media/influencer/ socialite ppl and not actually SELL a pair to the Money-Spending public?

  • Lauren Goodman

    oh boy! hm… how do I say this without pissing/disappointing others! I think what he’s doing is somewhat artistic. Don’t panic! I won’t say epic! lol He also took the opportunity and seized it. I agree that he is arrogant but he makes the most of the media attention. You’r right about him & Kim being a perfect match for one another. Both are attention whores 110%%% I cant believe we live in the same time era as them and that we have to know what they do every single waking moment of our lives. It’s sad when you put things into perspective, because I really do know more about them and where they are and what they are doing than some of my own distant family member. Ah well. As for your question on fashion and Anna Wintour, all I can say is, fashion is practically obsolete, we live in a digital era and we do not care to be as creative as we once were. I think we rely too much on the ‘now’ factor.

  • dothedewS

    quite brilliant if you ask me because he totally took this opportunity and seized it. whether the clothes looked like it was made for goodwill or not, I guess we can argue that he is still some what an artist no? I mean everything is debate-able.

  • dothedewS

    on a side note, I think we also need to discuss the Yeezy x Balmain “kustom kollection klad” Kardashian/Jenner klan. He’s seriously taking the hobo look and brainwashing french houses like Balmain. And now he keeps putting stupid shit like he wants to be creative designer for Hermes!!!!! I really think he’s gone way over his head.

  • justsayno

    courtesy of complex magazine; the rules to be ‘modeling’ at his show. atleast he’s detail-oriented.

    • sgstyling

      my god! is this for real??

    • SoSashaxo

      damn someone beat me to it.

  • sgstyling

    I can’t decide if this is the best concert and the worst fashion show ever or the best fashion show and worst concert ever…. hm……………

    • sgstyling

      ok lah, I answer my own question so I come back ah! My answer is neither. :D

      • SoSashaxo


  • sgstyling

    oh and Kourtney’s outfit is the only one that actually looks nice and she pulls it off well! she always did have better style than the other girls IMO.

  • SoSashaxo

    when fashion = Anna’s Cyclops’ gaze of approval

    those were the days.

    via GIPHY

  • SoSashaxo

    when fashion = Anna’s Cyclops’ gaze of approval

    those were the days when being a Designer meant something.

    • Rachel S.

      HA! those were the days!! whatever happened!

  • Rachel S.

    you should be a Politician babe! you played it very politically correct and kept it classy but to the point. he is an obnoxious being and needs to set better examples for his followers and kids. his crazy attention seeking antics – regardless if he’s a celebrity or not – even the fact that he claims to be hustling and works hard – um hello? who doesn’t?? he sits there in whatever millions dollars in debt and buys mansions – such a hypocrite. who is he to discredit anyone?? and yet he demands the Grammy and whatever to give him awards. he seriously needs to grow the fuck up. sorry for my ramble but he’s not even worthy of this post by you. x