AELLA Ankle Skinny The Perfect Little Black Pants

I am considering this as sort of a life lesson from my own version of social experiment. The theory may come as obvious but my finding and introduction to AELLA ankle skinny the perfect black pants to the modern working women is  a gift itself, so you are welcome in advance.

Once upon a time, before Lululemon existed and post Blossom (the nineties sitcom) legging trend, I never once thought to make leggings a staple to my wardrobe. And suddenly Lululemon transformed (not just mine) but the majority of our ways to incorporating yoga pants to our daily lives, and to the point of no return. I admit, at some point I got sucked into it – bad, but it was also one’s way of lifestyle as a Torontonian. However, after moving across the world 3 years ago, I decided to put leggings to rest. But my quest to finding the perfect pair of LBP (little black pants) turned out to be a challenge. We always talk about finding the perfect LBD (little black dress) but we never acknowledge the aformentioned in the form of pants. Which I find to be unequivocally important. Our modern day working women rely on quality pants.

If Lululemon yoga pants have become the essential staple to our everyday (including weekend) activewear, then AELLA dress pants will become the essential staple to our everyday lifestyle, and quite possibly replace the yoga pant. So lets talk about the perfect LBP (little black pants) shall we?

Why is it that stylistically-informed women (like a Colleague of mine) are always trying to convince other women (like myself) that the crux of a good wardrobe is defined by a good pair of black trousers and a crisp white blouse. I personally find this stuffy and have never fully grasped this principle. Black trousers make me feel like I’m the kind of person you might find speaking with authority on cyber security at a conference in Pasadena.

White blouses shirts are great, but they mostly get to shine based exclusively on the wash of denim you pair them with. Perhaps I am not of the ilk of “stylistically-informed” that we’ve grown accustomed to celebrating, but in my experience with both non-colors, they say nothing. When paired, there’s no room to read between the lines because there are no lines and you know what happens in the absence of fashion-ambiguity?




Still, I was curious, you know, to see if there was something I’d been missing. So I committed myself to a challenge: for one week, I would only wear white tops and my LBP – specifically my AELLA ankle skinny pants, in order to determine whether they’re all they’re cracked up to be according to the rules of style by [insert your fav magazine-delegated icon here]. Here are three important lessons I learned.



To be frank, I sort of dreaded the week and myself. Why did I even bother challenging myself! One of my favorite parts of getting up in the morning is putting an outfit together — determining who or what I’ll be for that day. With such confined boundaries, I feared getting up would feel like laying back down again. What I learned in a single sentence is (important lesson #1) that forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do is exactly where creativity gets to shine.

Example: yes, sure, I wore very traditional button downs with sleek trousers, and where’s the fun in that? you ask, nowhere in this challenge did I cite that shirts couldn’t have their own peplums, or that jackets were not invited to the party. What’s that thing they say? Necessity is the mother of invention?

Item #2. I put no sanctions on footwear (though many women live and die by the pump) and this culminated in the proof of lesson #2, which is a perspective I’ve long held: shoes are the easiest and more concretized way that women can escape from the banalities of life. It might be temporary, but sometimes, that’s enough.


Separately, I thought about things to layer under the shirts and over the pants and next to the sleeves. I forced myself to feel good and it worked. I arguably felt better because I was trying so hard at it. And finally, my third takeaway was: work hard, give it your all, really believe that there’s a fruitful outcome on the horizon and you might not feel happy, per se, but you will feel satisfied. Fulfilled. Which I think is much more gratifying.

Therefore in conclusion, here’s the curve ball: black pants, (which in my case, my AELLA ankle skinny) have become the perfect “LBP” are a metaphor for life which — by the rules of all that I call important — do, in fact, make them the best garment piece a woman could own.

Yvette xo