Blogger Spotlight: Vincent Law

This month’s Blogger Spotlight: Vincent Law of also a dear friend of mine, one of the predominant West Coast bloggers, and since he was visiting my side of town during the whirlwind of FNO and TIFF events, timing-wise it could not have worked out better. Just who is Vincent, you may ask? Vincent is a Calgary-based Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger of Binzento he not only was dubbed as one of Alberta’s Influential Style Bloggers in FREQ’s September issue, but is also a candidate for his PhD in Medical Science at the University of Calgary – fashionable and brains! So as we party-hopped during Fashion’s Night Out and trying nouveau cuisine. We quickly bonded over our passion for fashion and blogging. Binzento tries to showcase and support local designers, as well as cover fashion events and document Vincent’s fast-paced lifestyle. Vincent’s passion is fashion but Science is another component that sparked his ambition to satisfy his curiosity, and he explains that there is Art behind Science and Science behind Art, so there is connectivity between the two – and hopes to maintain Binzento with a personal touch.

Vincent’s advice for those aspiring bloggers out there, “Keep it fun. Be bold, do not underestimate yourself, Bloggers have more voice and power than they think they do. The whole blogging experience is a learning process. You can learn so much, and it certainly helps you connect with the world, and that in itself is priceless.” And he could not have put it in better words, because his point truly turned this meeting to a new found friendship!

And ofcourse, I had to ask the obvious..

What’s your take on style?
“My personal take  onstyle is avant-garde – I love Vivienne Westwood, Martin Margiela and Yohji Yamamoto. Style in general should reflect one’s personality and defining a self-identity rather than conforming to what other people are wearing.” says Vincent.

You can also check out my feature on his weekly column on “Real People with Real Style” for September.

Thanks for reading!

Yvette xo