Designer Spotlight: Anita Jacob of SiammPatra

You may recall my story of my world-wide quests that I go to when searching for that perfect ‘something‘ that I am looking for, and my mister dubbing it the “Christopher Columbus Effect” – and when I get into this ‘CCE’ zone, there is no stopping me. But part of what’s so great about it, is that I get to discover new brands and their designs, and it just makes you realize that there are so many inspirations out there.

Except, I didn’t have to search so far and wide this time, I actually met Anita Jacob the Designer behind the uniquely bold jewelry line SiammPatra at a stylist event and quickly clicked and bonded through our #girlcrush for badass fashion media veteran Julie Anne Quay, quicker than you realizing you got crazy glue on your fingers and finding it stuck together.

And after a few lunch dates and coffee, I learned that Anita’s personality truly resonates through her jewelry designs; beautiful, unique, eccentric, genuine and fun.

So without further ado, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce my friend Anita;  jewelry designer and founder behind the label SiammPatra on today’s special Christmas Feature; 10 interesting facts that I asked over our mini Q&A session;

MsYL: Can you share a little about yourself? Your Age, where you were born and raised, currently based out-of, and what made you get into jewelry designing?
Anita: I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand where I studied gemology and have been working in this industry for almost 10 years, which is where I also got to learn so much about the production side of things. I am 34 years old and earlier this year was when I decided to launch my own line, and how my label SiammPatra got started, I am currently based out of New Jersey. The inspiration came from my husband who recognizes and appreciates just how much the importance of accessorizing is to me. He would literally watch me spend hours putting so much thought and care into accessorizing, and even witnessed my frustration when I experimented with dainty jewelry. You know how it is, layering them one by one to get the “stacked” and “bold” look, only for it to end up tangled in one bunched up mess! So basically, one fine day my Husband oh-so casually suggested the idea of designing my own line. It was also the day that my personal motto “Accessorizing like a fashionista in the blink of an eye.” became my daily mantra.

MsYL: When did you launch SiammPatra? Where does the name come from? And any particular reason for them being  specifically costume jewelry?
Anita: My label SiammPatra was officially launched in early 2015. As for the name itself, there are 2 significant symbolic words joint together. ‘Siam’ is actually what my home country was originally called before everyone knew it as Thailand, so a little tribute to my roots. And ‘Patra’ comes from Cleopatra, I think until this day she personifies bold beauty and eternal power. And when I merged the two words together as SiammPatra, it just worked harmoniously. 
The idea of accessorizing is to have fun all the while defining your character through your selection. My message to everyone is – “it’s ok to be different.”

MsYL: Each bracelet seems to be unique to their own bedazzled designs where do you get your inspiration from?
Anita: I am inspired by everything around me. My first collection with crystal embellishments are handcrafted cuffs inspired from my homeland. The tropical climate, is interpreted with the fun colorful yarns. 

MsYL: Any particular reason for the cuff style bracelets?
Anita: I personally love wearing bracelets. I started my first collection to solve my personal peeve of mine – untangling dainty bracelets – so the cuff style was created to give off the illusion that they are stacked, but the solution is in the one single piece to make a bold statement.

MsYL: Which of the bracelet is your personal favorite? And why?
Anita: My personal favorite is the original bloom – it is probably the most basics of the bold collection; it’s got the black knots with gold chain details. It literally goes with everything and so easy to wear. I also like to think that I have somewhat adapted to New Yorker style. I have started to incorporate black into my wardrobe! It is the perfect statement piece and my go-to.


MsYL: What is one piece of advice to those aspiring to become a jewelry designer like yourself.
Anita: Hm.. I would say to those aspiring or thinking about starting, to first, start. I say this because most of us spend the majority of the time preparing for the start, planning out the what-ifs and perfecting, and the other part is the fear of failure. And then we never end up pursuing it, the what-ifs and perfecting can also be learned over time and through your mistakes. Nobody gets it right the first time. I spent my twenties discovering myself and making mistakes hoping to find my voice as a jewelry designer. Everyone measures success differently, and for some it will require an enormous amount of effort and for some nothing at all. But most importantly make sure that it is something that you are passionate about. Passion keeps the flame burning. 

MsYL: How would you compare your hometown fashion in Bangkok to that of  those in New York City? Who and where do you get your own personal style inspiration from?
Anita: This is a good question! I would say fashion in Bangkok (like most other South East countries in Asia) is heavily influenced by local Celebrities or J-pop/K-pop cultures. There are some fashion bloggers from Bangkok too, which is all still very new there, so we it’s still the norm for brands to advertise with celebrities than bloggers. As for Fashion in New York City, I feel is the mecca of worldwide trends and designers. I love Vivienne Westwood and her unconventional style and exaggerated designs. Stacey Bendet blows me away with her personal style on Instagram. I love how she mixes and works with bright colors and funky patterns beautifully.

MsYL: What is next for you and your label SiammPatra?
Anita: I will be working on a lookbook for my new spring/summer 2016 line. I also hope to expand my brand. As well as,  participate in the shows and international market in the next coming years.

MsYL: What is one random / interesting fact about you? (this can be funny or weird or just fun!)
Anita: Sometimes I daydream about if I could live in any era, I would love to be living in the 60s!  The fashion, the people, the diverse trends, the hippie movement and the rise of femininity – all divine and my cup of tea! And – two words, Audrey Hepburn! I just adore her!

MsYL: What’s inside your bag, and the one item you MUST have with you at all times and why.
Anita: That all depends on the bag I carry! Today inside my clutch I have with me; my iPhone 6S, a mini notebook, pen, my wallet.. some hand cream, lip balm, lipstick, sunglasses, and a couple of pieces of from my own line (for the quick change of look from day-to-night) — but if I had more space I would squeeze in my digital camera lol. So unoriginal but my iPhone is my must-have item at all times. It has become my life-saver especially when maneuvering my way when I am in New York City.

I hope learning about Anita and her deep thoughts and time vested into her exquisite jewelry line SiammPatra has you thinking twice about the importance of accessorizing. Her uniquely bold pieces are perfect for those wanting to make a loud statement silently. And her collection has something for everyone.

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And follow her on Instagram @siammpatra for some bold and unique jewelry inspirations.

Thanks for reading!

Yvette xo