Grungy Gentleman SS16 For New York Fashion Week Men

If you think you know everything there is to know about fashion and you are looking to feel humbled, try walking into a room during Men’s Fashion Week. The experience feels pleasantly foreign — like stepping into the twilight zone replete with sartorialism at it’s best. And thanks to Motorola, I got to attend the Grungy Gentleman SS16 For New York Fashion Week Men, I found myself surrounded by artists and athletes of whom I was distinctly unfamiliar — Mack Wild, Skylar Astin, Chris Weidman, Eric Decker and the likes. But for me, it wasn’t the attendance of celebrities that impressed, but rather by their presentation, as it was quite the extensive collection; from casual, athletic to everyday attire, and as each model walked through I tried to solidify an opinion.

So of course I had to tell my story with my Motorola X Pure Edition with it’s quick speed capture and low light performance, quite the ideal experience to share. Especially since low-light performance has for years been the bane of smartphone cameras, with few manufacturers outside of Nokia able to deliver photos of any worth once the sun goes down. The Moto X Pure camera boasts comparatively few spec tricks, it certainly does perform better after dark, with much less digital noise and truer color reproduction (at the expense of a slightly slower focus time). But I digress..


Had I been familiar — had I known the brand— my words would have come immediately: “True to the brand’s identity…”; “a slight departure from last season”; etc.

But because they are still fairly new to the Fashion scene, I got to play. For once, I got to enjoy the show. I allowed myself to look at the clothes like an outsider, wondering what would I wear?


So what would I wear? I loved that they paid every attention to the details, with their signature 6 stripe ribbing on hemlines. To put it simply, Grungy Gentleman defies athletic tailoring. Every piece whether it was a topcoat, a blazer or a bomber jacket, down to the denim, were subtly urban with a fresh modern take to it.

grungy-gentlemen-final-walk-nyfwm-ss16grungy-gentlemen-Jace Lipstein-Mack-Wildsgrungy-gentlemen-Jace Lipstein

But “my look“ by far was really the bomber style jackets — a much toned-down and everyday look to that of the Saint Laurent Men’s California skaters trend. Let’s not forget that for at least a few seasons, Rosie Assoulin has had longboards on her mind, too. (See also: my pants in Menswear Apropos.)

Am I now fluent in the field of emerging menswear? No, not really. But we can all agree that fashion is a universal language, right? While we are not always familiar with the technicalities of a certain dialogue, the moment we connect with a piece and make it ours, we find understanding through the context. It’s what makes Art a universal language.

Thanks to Motorola and Grungy Gentleman for having me.

Yvette xo



  • whenHarrymetSally

    Is it just me, or does it feel like MFW clothes are for the ladies? Like, I want some of the pieces!

    • I know, I know! I think women’s taste and style to menswear has evolved tastefully.

      • sgstyling

        this is something I definitely have to agree with!

    • Veejay

      women have just become less fearful of experimenting and expressing ourselves. Androgyny has become mainstream and the norm.

  • Rachel S.

    I love the detailing of the stripes along the hemlines. I could totally see those jeans being in my closet with the hems completely slashed tho.

    • Rachel S.

      great shots btw!

      • thanks so much! and I totally know what you mean about the hems at the end! I would totally do the same.

    • Lauren Goodman

      I would too 100%

    • oh I could totally envision the same!

  • sgstyling

    I love my boyfriend blazers for sure!

  • Grungy Gentleman

    yo this is Jace. the post is fantastic and i am very grateful. our brand name is Grungy Gentleman tho, it’s singular. appreciate the love, big ups!

    • hey Jace! thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a note. (and thanks for the catch) congrats to your awesome show! my husband & I loved every piece! x

      • Grungy Gentleman

        That is so dope, thank you! By the way can you send me the link to Getty Images? From the one you had your personal photo

  • Lauren Goodman

    Menswear is definitely more interesting perhaps because they’re limited on what they can work with so creativity and modern twists are what it takes to reinvent the classics every season.

  • SoSashaxo

    this is so my kind of vibe!

  • nyc-dreamin

    dope review and you got og style.

  • so cool! how you manage to capture nice images even under poor lighting and fast movements with a phone is beyond me! I can’t even get normal photos to look right! :(

  • Gina

    menswear is definitely more appealing during fashion week. its when all the cool cats come out!

    • Gina

      really digging your blog btw!

  • Veejay

    Interesting thoughts about menswear. I definitely agree with you that art is a universal language.

  • so cool! beautiful shots captured and told artisticly!