H&M Beauty Line

By now we are all very well acquainted with the extensive H&M Beauty Line yes? I wasn’t aware that by extensive they meant an array of 700-piece makeup, fragrance, hair, and body care collection. And if that wasnt enough for you, the Swedish powerhouse known for its fast-fashion clothing, reasonable prices, and maje designer collaborations announced plans to branch out into makeup tools, lotions, hair products, and limited-edition collections every season.


With prices ranging from $7 to $25, with countless ranges of shades — and when I say countless lets just say, they will need to get creative with the names that they come up with. In the meantime, check out some of my favorite picks from their extensive collection below.


Limited Edition:





And if that’s not enough, they will be expanding their already extensive beauty arsenal with an eco-friendly collection as part of H&M Conscious’ extension which will include over 30 different products that range between $7-$13. Everything from aluminum-free deodorant to shampoo and all free of GMOs, silicon, paragons, dyes and synthetic perfumes. The Conscious line will be incorporating certified organic ingredients, essential oils and packaging the products in recycled plastic and paper. The official launch date will be April 27th, 2016.

With all these retailers and famous bloggers launching their own makeup/beauty lines, one has to wonder just how safe are these products and how much do they differ in quality compared to the luxury cosmetic lines. The H&M Beauty Line launched kind of late in the game, but I guess better late than never.

I consider my beauty-slash-wellness maintenance regime to be fairly straightforward. I’m 85% more concerned and interested of my basic skincare regimen and my hair colorist knows more about me than I do. I go to the dentist when I receive a reminder via text (yeah, they fancy like that), cut my hair whenever the colorist dubs me that it’s time and whooshes me away to the hair stylist 5 chairs down, and a visit to the doctor as needed. And I can proudly say that I’ve moulded my regime into a healthy appointment cycle.

So whenever something enticing as an extensive collection or an array of shades are presented in my path, I’m like a mosquito headed to the bright lights, and there’s no stopping me.

How do you feel about all these mega fashion chains coming out with their own beauty lines? How do you refrain yourself from dropping a visit and buying everything in sight. When is too much, too much? Have our societal expectations gone too high, or have our ideal regimes become too superfluous? Isn’t some of this pampering important — “treat thyself” and all that fluffy stuff?

Do you do all these things and beyond? And if not, what’s your beauty & health priority?

But for now, I will just stick with my jar of La Mer. This I can handle, and my dermatologist approves.

Yvette xo