Polaroid Cube Plus Is The Perfect Action Camera

At least for a novice like myself, the Polaroid Cube Plus is the perfect action camera. I never got into action-cams (like the GoPro) or just recording videos for that matter. There is something more exhilarating in capturing and being mesmerized by still images. After all, we don’t say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ for no reason.

But just recently, I was asked to shoot and test out the latest Polaroid Cube Plus, it’s small and compact like the GoPro but much, much simpler to use. It’s almost too simple that it leaves you feeling dumb while wondering if you are using it properly! Think when you converted to your MAC from your Windows PC for the first time. Remember that feeling? Staring at the magnifying movement of your dock and wondering ‘is that it? so.. what now?‘ Basically, there is one main button for everything. Turning it on (hold it down until the light turns on), to take an image (click once), to record a video (click twice), and to turn it off (hold it down until the light turns off). But what makes this tiny yet handy gadget even more interesting is the Wifi connecting capability it has to my iPhone (also available for Androids) so that I can have a live preview and viewfinder, and a whole slew of other options (i.e. slow-mo recordings, self-timers, time-lapse photography etc,.) all from your phone, so that you can actually see what  on earth is going on. It’s brilliant.

Polaroid-Cube-Plus-Is-The-Perfect-Action-CameraNote: the images you see above and at top are not shot with my Polaroid Cube Plus, they were taken with my Camera.

To simply put; it’s affordable ($149 at Amazon.com), the quality is decent, it’s compact, simple and easy to use with viewing capabilities from your smartphone. Check out my 50 second clip shot with my new favorite toy!

Not too shabby, huh? This post was sponsored by Polaroid Cube+, however my enjoyment of filming and candid opinions are my very own.

Having said that, I think you will see more video posts in future! And I cannot wait to test it out underwater on my next vacation!

Yvette xo