Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Fall 2016 Debut Collection

Just recovering and re-capping from the madness of #NYFW, last week, between the behemoth presentation that was YEEZY Season 3 at Madison Square Garden, star-studded fashion shows, after-parties and performances, it was a good seven days to be famous. With my own 5 seconds of fame with Puma and their Eskiva collaboration, people were quick to ask what my thoughts were on one of the star-studded affair and much anticipated Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma Fall 2016 Debut Collection. Since the three-year contract Rihanna had signed-on with the German athletic company as their “Creative Director” (which may be the footwear’s highest-profile collaborator yet) and since assuming her title in December 2014 this has been the first official collection of any kind. So here are my thoughts..

There were also special appearances from Naomi Campbell and Anna Wintour – as did Kanye’s presentation – but it was markedly less hyped, more intimate and much less crowd-pandering. And it was a proper runway show.

The show stealer were definitely the Hadid sisters; before, during and after. They are just so damn hot right now. Here are some backstage sneak peek’s before the show.


The collection itself resonated with Rihanna’s usual bad assery, my personal favorite from her collection were the thigh-high boots. The sporty thigh-high boots that appeared throughout the show were a hit amongst the crowd, and though clearly inspired by shin guards, they are sexy as hell. I can see them being one of the top sellers when the collection hits stores in September.

Much like the initial sneaker release of The Creepers also by Rihanna, the apparel line is dominated by a monochromatic color scheme, and fuses Puma’s signature sports aesthetic with Rihanna’s unique streetwear sensibilities.

fenty-puma-rihanna-white-otkfenty-puma-rihanna-otk-white-msyoleecomfenty-puma-rihanna-gigi-runway-msyoleecomRihanna's Fenty x Puma Fall 2016 Debut Collection

Oh! On a side note, remember those stiletto sneakers that had a moment in the aughts à la Jenny from the Block? Well, thanks to Rihanna she might usher in their comeback a decade century too soon. Just when we thought we could forget about the revival attempt from Jeremy Scott a couple of years ago. And this is no Isabel Marant sneaker wedge situation. It’s a full-on spindly stiletto propping up a super-sporty high-top sneaker style — something Sporty Spice would’ve adored (and donned in five different colorways). Definitely a love/hate thing with this sort of style and. There were plenty of footwear to discuss at the show, but those heeled sneakers, aka the formstrip stiletto bootie, sort of hogged all the attention – for better or worse.

Overall, when it comes to tapping into her fashion instincts, it’s clear that Rihanna moves at lightning speed, never second-guessing herself, her bold and daring style seemed to have guided her in her debut.

There’s no denying that her appointment as Creative Director has more to do with her celebrity status than artistic vision, her collection a digestible effort of graphic-street-athleisure wear. And I loved how this collection challenged traditional male and female silhouettes and blurred the lines between genders.

Now all they need to do is sit back and watch it sell. Though there are rumors that the collection will be priced above average for Puma, I sure hope they don’t. This is sportswear, for the streets, it’s meant to be fast-fashion, make it affordable for consumers.

What’s clearest though is that sneaker culture has permeated fashion than ever before.

Yvette xo

  • Lauren Goodman

    those thigh high boots are very cool indeed! what would you say is the difference between Kanye’s Yeezy collection versus this? They both have that grungy vibe/looks to them. minus his crazy antics and douchey personality.

    • The major difference is that Yeezy’s show wasn’t entirely his collection. The extras on set were wearing thrifts dyed to similar color schemes as his collection, (of course) how else would you dress the 1200+ number of extras/models. While Rihanna (and I can understand your logic, which is probably not too far off from what the general public may think) is that she really stayed true to her element and her personal style resonated through the collection. And he seriously needs to get a grip. Everyone hustles and works hard, but not everyone goes on a rampage for attention in the most obnoxious way. He needs to eat more humble pie.

      Check out this article from racked; http://www.racked.com/2016/2/12/10981186/kanye-yeezy-season-3-extras

      • Lauren Goodman

        good point! and Rihanna is such a badass chick! and I feel sort of deceived and mis-lead after reading that article you linked. He only got away with it because of the theatrics he put on for his album release.

      • Veejay

        makes sense but that’s so disgraceful. and he dares to utter the name Hermes and himself in one sentence.

      • sgstyling

        so interesting!! I notice there’s more of this black movement recently popping up in the US, many predict some civil war.

      • Rachel S.

        no shame really! and yet he still has the audacity to be obnoxious.

  • whenHarrymetSally

    RiRi slayyyyyys!

    • whenHarrymetSally

      but you’r right about one thing. I think everything has evolved to fast-fashion, so if it’s not made affordable nobody is going to want to buy.

      • especially in times where we are all financially conscious of our spending. I mean blogging is one, but we can be smart about style spending.

  • Carcia & Telly

    Accessories are IT now. Overall I think RiRi did her best to show off her personal aesthetic.

    • agreed babes! I always value your expert opinions! I could totally see you girls rocking some of her edgy accessories! but what do you think of the sneaker stilettos though??? I can take the honesty…. really…. maybe? depending on your answer lol

      • Carcia + Telly

        Overall, we like the heel sneaker for the RIGHT situation. Its needs dedication just like the JLo bootie from before (I still have my pair…lol). This must be a head to toe look on the right girl who loves to rock the edgy stuff. We’d wear it with the right gear.

  • Veejay

    I think Rihanna’s line are beyond Kaney’s Yeezy collection! By far no comparison! Her collection was tastefully done with the right amount of boho with her edgy-ness to it.

    • fair enough and straight to the point with your candidness. sweet!

  • sgstyling

    GiGi & Bella are my favorite fashion duo sisters!!

  • Rachel S.

    love the looks! and those boots are so damn badass!!!!