Skincare Confessions

I will be the first to admit, I am not your stereotypical “Asian” or “Korean” for that matter. I am the last person to care so much for skincare let alone makeup. I know, I know, ironic isn’t it, I love fashion and yet here I am confessing my beauty sins to you. My first part to skincare confessions.

This is probably one of my first and very detailed experience about the whole ordeal. I do have lame excuses for my lack of care though, going through the growing pains during my teenage years with severe acne on both cheeks. (And when I say severe, I mean, I was one of those “pepperoni-face” kids that bullies would make fun of, but they didn’t, and saved me for emergency homework days because they thought I would be good at math – another stereotype that I didn’t fit into! – but I’ll save that story for another rainy day..)

And so, I would buy Noxzema (remember those blue jars that smelled like minty-raw-meat?) only because that’s what the ‘cool kids’ on commercial washed their faces with, and then tried to mask the poor acnes with Cover Girl foundation because Niki Taylor made it look easy breezy. Only to realize that none of those products worked for my skin and had to get prescribed meds from my doctor that literally burned but zapped those bad boys away.

I was always and still am (somewhat) a sucker for beauty products, and you would think after those lessons learnt, and from countless trial and errors that I would stop, but what can I say, these giant cosmetic companies market their shit very well.

With so many ways to make you feel paranoid about skincare alone, it is no wonder that women have so many insecurities and then some. I do my best in shutting out a lot of the beauty ads I see on magazines, tv, billboards, etc. And then every now and then, something will hit me and I will give it a go, and when it works, I am forever loyal than groupies would be.

Maybe my recent relocation to Asia or the fact that I am in my early thirties triggered my insecurity alarm. But I felt like I needed to do something more than my daily routine. And just what is my routine, you ask. Believe it or not, if I told you about my skincare routine, most of you may be shocked. But then again, my makeup steps would probably make the late Kevyn Aucoin roll in his grave. But here it is; I wash my face with a foam face wash, and then slab on some lotion. And voilà. (Oh, sometimes the additional sunblock if I know that I am staying outdoors). So yeah, that. is. it.

Trust me, I have tried incorporating toners, serums, brighteners, eye-creams, essences, you name it – in between – but somehow they never worked and it always came back down to the default (face wash and lotion) regimen. I mean, I contemplated for awhile and wondered what was wrong with me and my skin. But quickly learned that there is nothing wrong with needing a clean face. Wanting a clear, silky, baby-bottom smooth,  soft skin is a completely different story.

So one year into living in Singapore surrounded by Asian women, and Foreigners influenced from living in Asia surrounded by Asian woman, all any of them seemed to talk about is skincare aside from fashion, and what I learned is Koreans amongst all were notorious for amazing skin and with the most steps in their skincare routine. Something I don’t think I could ever get myself into, even if you lined up the damn products, numbered in sequence in front of me, I just wouldn’t. I am a simple creature by nature, and it would take a lot of convincing for me to even consider trying for a week.

But low and behold, facials, GLOMAX Aesthetics’ facials to be precise. One thing for me that is as important as the brand name or product itself, is the service and experience that goes along with it. These days, you cannot “eye-shop” without being pressured into buying something. And when it comes to skincare, there is no one more skeptical but pressured all at the same time, like myself.

When the team at GLOMAX Aesthetics reached out, I had my reasonable doubts at first, if I were to be completely honest, but as soon as I sat down for my consultation, I was beyond mortified at how accurate their assessment of my skincare regimen was! Was it that obvious? Did it show on my skin? But this got me vested and had me listening.

And while my skin does not break-out from acne like I did in junior high, my skin was sensitive, which made me stick to bare-minimal products, that can lead to dry skin – but this was also because of how I liked to wash my face squeaky clean like I do my dishes. And because of the dry skin, I felt like wearing make-up (like concealer and foundation) only irritated my skin more that resulted in break-outs. So I don’t wear make-up on my face (unless it’s a special occasion) — with the exception of eye make-up and lipstick.

I was surprised with the prescription of facials based on my assessment, a microdermabrasion to start, complimented with a sonic cleanse (which both steps sounded so clinical) and a face peel to finish. Only to realize the facials I had known to be getting at spas were completely different from facials I would be receiving and learning about at GLOMAX Aesthetics.


And what can I say, the result speaks for itself. All the fancy names of aromas, scrubs and exfoliations that I was familiar with felt superficial, compared to the clinical jargons on this one, but by no comparison alike, it does miracles. What was even more amazing was that, for once I never felt like I was being pressured into buying anything. They wanted me to go through the experience first, and that made me appreciate it all the more. A rarity in this day and age – that just solidified their 8 years of tenure in this cut throat industry and awarded by Singapore Women’s Weekly for best facials.

In fact, I found myself asking them for products that they would recommend after my glowing result. Because now they have me a believer. They not only agreed about the importance of educating yourself on skin care and not just being sucked into all the scares and hypes of strategic marketing tactics of these cosmetic companies, but I learned that healthy skin starts with clean pores, and a consistent regimen that works for you.

Thank You to the wonderful team at GLOMAX Aesthetics for extending your invite for this delightful experience. It’s one thing to provide results, but understanding my skin’s troubled woes and diagnosing the right facials made my experience truly a memorable one, and now – a new and returning clientele.

Here I am, 5 days later post-facial, and still glowing! No make-up except for the eyes and brows. And natural lighting under the bright sun always helps ;-)


You had me at “GLO” you guys!

And while this is a sponsored post, I wouldn’t be writing about it and sharing such a personal story if I did not believe in wanting healthier skin – a personal vendetta of mine.


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What have been your skincare troubles? Share on the comment section below.

Yvette xo

  • sostyling_sg

    this post was so funny! I was reading this while in the office and almost laughed out loud at some moments lol I don’t like auntys trying to sell me the products they have lar. So very interesting you say they didn’t do that. I will check it out and share with my colleagues and friends.

    • haha thanks! I’m glad to hear! I agree, I always feel to intimidated and pressured, definitely not a good feeling when you are just there to get a treatment done.

  • dothedewS

    omg so hilarious! lol easy breezy that damn Niky Taylor! can’t stop chuckling!

    • divanista

      I CAN’T! LMAO

    • Diva JJ

      seriously the best!

    • Lauren Goodman

      this is so good! lol

    • omg it’s bringing me back memories!! LMAOOO but she really did make it look easy breezy!!

  • divanista

    LMAO I love how you can make fun of yourself and not so pretentious as the rest of the bloggers do. Sometimes I think they forget they are regular Joes and Janes like the rest of us. Luckily I never had any issues with acne and wear make-up religiously. I don’t really care for skin care so much, I think it’s definitely more of an Asian thing (and I’m not Asian but an example from my friends that are Asian) they seem to care heaps more of putting coats after coats of products. But it’s good to know that there are other types of facials out there than a “scrub”.

    • haha thanks. better me than someone else! lol you just can’t take this too seriously, you know? :) that’s very fortunate of you, and yes first time learnings for me too!

  • Diva JJ

    ooooomg “Kevin Aucoin rolling in his grave” part was hilarious! may his blessed soul r.i.p. he was my idol! this is great that you are educating people of what proper skin care really is, and the stuff you get at the spas are quite literally “superficial” I am glad that you speak your mind, and put yourself out there.
    I have had break outs due to my sensitive skin. I am the exact opposite with oily skin and try to dry my skin where ever and whenever possible. One of my korean friends introduced me to the excess oil patting paper and I have never looked back since. I agree that Koreans definitely know their shit when it comes to skin and beauty care. xo

    • lol thanks, I realize the importance of it, but personally for myself. you know? I have seen those papers which you are speaking about but have never used one.. nor do I have the patience.. I’m just really plain jane when it comes to cosmetics.. haha such a shame! yikes!

  • fabYOUlous

    I can relate in so many ways! Thanks for sharing and will look into a better and healthier skin regiment. Love it! :)

  • Lauren Goodman

    omg I couldn’t stop giggling on my way home from work reading this! totally bringing back memories of my teenage days! lol I wanted to try microdermabrasion but didn’t want to be some guinea pig, but from the photos of your results it looks phenomenal! x

    • haha well neither did I really! but curious enough and you will likely give it a go. and one of the best experience I had.

  • Great post!! Love it. Love you. :)

    • thank you babe! you are too kind. lots of love right back at you! xo

  • Olivia DW.

    You know you had me thinking about Noxzema and the smell of it! lol I recall wondering why it smelled the way it did. And here you said it, minty-raw-meat. LOL love ittttt! Do you think age also plays a factor in this whole skin care paranoia for women? hey, have you ever tried or heard of a brand called SK2? When I visited Japan earlier this year I noticed their ads plastered everywhere from the plane’s inflight magazines to the streets. Apparently it’s supposed to amazing!

    • LOL it was some minty something but not the peppermint kind. It was weird! omg, true story! So SKII is abundantly advertised here in Asia so during one of my travels I bought the face wash and toner and lotion at duty free (because they are so jacked up in price!) and broke out so bad… i usually don’t break out that bad, but this was pretty bad. But I gave it a couple of weeks because anytime you try a new product I heard it’s natural that your skin reacts to it.. but I felt like it wasn’t getting any better, so I stopped using it and the break outs subsided. Anyways that product, I don’t know what they have in there, but it was definitely not for me. One of the most traumatizing experience. So biggest lesson for me was not to get sucked into all the hype. They market the shit out of that brand here. But this is just my personal experience.

      • Olivia DW.

        haha perfect timing for a response! that’s so crazy! Yeah definitely can’t buy into all the hype. I don’t care if Charlize Theron is the face of Dior, but their stuff is just too oily for my skin! I break out so bad whenever I try their product. But I get sucked into their advertising and pretty shapely bottles! aughhhhhhh!!! so what skin care line to you use?

        • before I used to use Guerlain foam face wash and the whitening face wash from Chanel.. but have now switched to Muji’s basic foam face wash.
          and I used Chanel’s hydramax cream in the jar for lotion.

          • Olivia DW.

            any toners? or serums?

          • no… I bought the serum but got lazy and never ended up using it. It’s probably old and I should chuck it. I read somewhere that all this skin care and makeup have life spans too. such a pain in the ass i swear! >.<

          • Olivia DW.

            lol I totally empathize your pain! xo

  • justanotherfashionblog

    great review! I wish that there wasn’t such a thing as ‘perfect skin’ that would save all of us the grief and anxiety! My skin is so rough and chalky and always had a serious issue finding the right skin care. I am near the verge of giving up! IDK……. what are your thoughts? Seeing your photos now it’s hard to believe that you ever had bad acne problems. Maybe time will heal my face too?

    • I know. what does perfect skin even mean? I guess if you are glowing radiance and have absolutely no flaws? but that’s almost impossible. Don’t give up! Your condition may sound as worse as it really is. My skin gets chalky too (especially around the lip/moustache area) when I don’t wear lotion. It’s just a matter of finding the right product for your skin. And that’s why there are just soooooo many kinds out there! And that’s why they are all still in business. Because it might not have worked for me, but it may work glorious on you! I hate the whole trial and error process through it all though, putting your skin through all that morbid shit. I totally feel your pain!

  • I think it’s important for women (regardless of age) to maintain themselves. And if you don’t like wearing makeup have you considered BB or CC creams? you should look into them :)

    • haha I agree with you to an extent. And yes I have tried CC cream from Chanel, and wear it as my make-up when and IF i must. I don’t wear it everyday. I just don’t like the feeling of something caking my face. IDK, it’s just a personal thing. :) thanks for your suggestion though!