Another Year Wiser

Or so they say.. and probably to make ourselves feel better right? and why not! Whoever said 30’s is a prime was probably because they were turning thirty themselves. I think age should not defy who you are, what you can and cannot wear, where you are at your stage of life. Have you ever stopped to wonder what you are really measuring up against? Why are you letting people younger than you make you feel old, or those older than you question what you are doing with your own life. People love to criticize others, rather than turn it around against themselves. Here is my ode to another year wiser.

Excuse my lack of post this past week, it was my birthday and while I make it an effort to be consistent with my posts, there are moments where you just have to live your life without posting everything online.

I noticed of lately that some of my fellow colleagues have simply stopped posting or have retired from the Instagram/Blogsphere world, primarily due to the feeling of obligation and less enjoyment that they once had since they first decided to launch into this web journey.

And I thought, using my Birthday, would be a good example. If you have followed me since the beginning of my blog journeys, you probably realized by now that I seldom post anything personal about my life. Ever since I decided to launch my style blog, this was one hard line I told myself that I would not cross. Every now and then you will get glimpses of my husband in my photos, but that’s really it. I am no Kardashian, nor is this some reality TV, and these self-proclaimed YouTube stars still freak me out.

There are things that are okay to talk about and share with the rest of the world, because lets face it, your friends on Facebook could probably careless about what you are eating or what your view from where you stand looks like right this very second – but your followers on Instagram, may. But these are two distinctly unique social sharing platforms so if you are using both for the same purpose, you are probably just annoying your friends with the same news, twice. But that’s okay, because everybody is doing it, and God forbid, you miss any happening status! And anything more detailed than your own crotch shot from a #fwis post, to getting your makeup done, and driving your car, etc., is borderline Truman Show creepy.

But I also fall into the grey areas of taking photos for personal memories versus work. But even as a Photographer sometimes I find myself missing moments or enjoying less because I get caught up trying to capture “moments” through my lens than my own eyes. It’s a sad reality but luckily my Husband just gets this side of the world I am in and is more patient and understanding than most would be.

I even had questions of “how do you continue getting inspirations/ideas for your posts” and I really have no concrete answer for that. But what I do know is that, you have to do it for yourself first. You have to want it in order to keep it going. And this is sort of relevant to anything going on in your life. Even your day job, if you make it feel like a duty, then it will always feel like that. If you enjoy it, then no one can say anything about it and take that enjoyment out of you. No matter how bitter or cynical your critics may be.

Having said that, while I feel sorry for my absence, I felt that, taking the time out during my birthday to celebrate with family and friends without the constant worry of updating my feeds, would be well deserved and excusable. But of course some photo memorabilia’s were captured to share post festivities.

We have a lot of white space in our flat, so my husband decided to have one side of the wall decorated with alphabet balloons, which I thought were so fun and so sweet of him!

And the heart balloons complimented our ‘LOVE’ cushions so delightfully!

I really wanted something festive and not something you can wear everyday.. although, come to think of it, I could probably wear this tulle skirt with a tiara everyday, but I won’t. (lol)

Something outside of my everyday monochromatic uniform, and since I am already outside of my ‘comfort zone’ I decided to embrace change and bring some feminine look to my birthday. So this maxi tulle skirt that I found via was perfect! And I just wanted a simple sweater, and nude sandals to keep the focus on the tulle.

And this brings me back to my first point, on why every passing year means becoming wiser. If you take the time to reflect what you have accomplished to date, your growing pains and lessons learned can only help you become wiser.

While there are some things age make easier physically, mentally and emotionally, this should not defy who you are. Don’t let numbers tie you down, it is another form of excuse preventing you from doing what you wanted to do. I think the older you get, the more opportunity you get since you have the liberty than when you were young. So thirties are definitely your self discovery stage, where you get to learn so much about yourself, what your wants are, where you want to be, what you want to do with your life. You get some sort of direction. And forties is your prime, where you get to truly enjoy whatever it is you discover and pursue. Even up until your twenties you are still trying to graduate, find a job, pay off student loans, date, network, etc., so you never get to truly feel “free” but in your thirties you get a new form of freedom, as there is a slightly more mature and refined you from your twenties. The only difference is, is there are early bloomers and late bloomers on how soon or late you come to achieving your goals.

Just remember one thing, no matter your age, it is just a numbers game, whatever you feel  that you missed out on is never too late. People achieve things in their fifties and sixties. So live and learn and don’t forget to enjoy it along the way!

Happy Birthday to all fellow Scorpios!

Do you ever feel like you use age as means of an excuse? What do you think it is about age that terrifies us? Share your thoughts below!

Yvette xo