Finding Kale

If I thought finding Kale was a challenge back home in Toronto, in Singapore it is near mission impossible and when I do, it costs an arm and a leg for this bandit!

I am not sure where Kale even came from, and never really heard of it until the whole ‘green juice’ craze (so it is rather bewildering when food have fads and act like a fashion trend and how one moment they are all the rave and then onto the next hot thing. While Kale (and do you notice how I even capitalize the “k” like it is a person or something?!) and it’s meteoric rise to fame probably subsides in the fact that it contains anti-cancer nutrients and the advent of green juices in place of caffeine addiction. Maybe Kale is here to stay? Remember the craze of Almond Milk, Coconut Water, Acai, Cinnamon, and all other “supplemental” nutrients..

However it is that time of year again for me, where I go on this ‘clean eating’ cycle. But I thought since health is always the hot topic of discussion (besides fashion) and trust me, I am no fanatic or advocate.. My darling hubby of mine always talks about a movie called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, about a guy who roadtrips across America while fasting on juice for 60 days. It sounds ridonculous, I know, because I thought the same thing, but if you do happen to watch it, it does a good job of educating us on basic nutrition, and might encourage you to consider it.

I am a person that loves to eat, and anyone that knows me knows that food is the only other thing that will make me do my happy dance, and I mean that literally, while I shop for groceries. And it dawned on me, what if I incorporate this “green juice” to my diet. While I have been trying to be good, I am not going to deny it I am a huge lover of cheese and bread so the whole removing carbs is just unrealistic for me! Nonetheless wish me luck on my journey and I will keep you posted on my progress.

While on the topic of the popularity for Kale, the other day when I went to check out Cold Storage to stock up on the bandit, there were none to be found! It is quite shocking at how quickly products sell out every week at the grocery stores in Singapore.

Anywho, for the inquisitive, the mean green juice recipe is the following, the taste is not so bad, and maybe it is the superpowers of Kale, who knows..

– 6-8 leaves kale

– 2 green apples

– 1 cucumber

– 2-3 stalks celery

– 1/2 lemon (no peel)

– 2 inches fresh ginger

– 1 cup water (if using a blender)

you will need a good 30 minutes (to prepare the greens, to juice/blend, and to clean the bloody juicer/blender) – and I recommend a juicer – you can expect about 1 litre of juice from all the extraction below and the key is to drink it while it’s hot off the juicer/blender.


The other great piece of advice I got from my (once upon a time) personal trainer was to stop obsessing over weight, and she literally meant the number that is on the scale, because then you find yourself with the tendency to check everyday if not every minute of the day and will obsess over the +/- by the mili-pound. So rather than picking on weight, take out those “I will keep it and wear it when I lose weight” piece, and usually they’re some form of pants.. and measure your objective based on that, and the numerics of your scale will adjust accordingly. It makes perfect sense since some people just have a denser bone/fat/muscle mass and obsessing yourself with numbers may encourage or motivate you inaccurately. This may or may not work for others, but I did find it to be helpful.

A strange tip I got from a local Singaporean source was buying a belt and creating one hole, which you believe to be is your ‘ideal’ size and by creating the one belt hole, this will keep you disciplined in maintaining that size. I won’t get into the superficiality in Asia here, that is a whole new topic for another day. But everyone has their way of  losing weight, but my point today was eating right first, because even diets have stepping stones.

Yvette xo