Graze Craze Snacking

I know what you are thinking. I am thinking about it too. Our blood sugar starts to crash sometime between lunch and dinner, but we don’t all reach for the same snack. We are all wired differently, ah duh, and how you react says a lot about you. Who needs a therapist’s couch when your midday Snickers directly correlates with your childhood after school special? Who needs a Myers Briggs test when your preference for protein checks all the personality boxes you could ever put forward? Who needs a whole list of snacks that explains your most inner-self if you can’t even eat it? Oh…you answered “me” to that last one? Then allow me to introduce you to the latest and greatest Graze craze snacking people have been raving about.

Your body is a temple and what goes inside is mostly green, right??! riiiiiight. Your gateway drug was probably a kale Caesar salad, but now you more or less spend all of your disposable income and calorie consumption on green juice. You even found a dessert with kale in it. You might be vegan. You have been Paleo. Where oh where did all the genuine joys of snacking vanish to?

Around 3 p.m. I typically reach for an apple, or dried mangoes. And around the office, I am known to get crazy creative, spicing life up and those around me, with new products I discover while taking part in a favorite pastime of mine: strolling leisurely through Wholefoods at Columbus Circle, dabbing on the essential oils and making double laps past the sample gal. Yep, guilty pleasure of mine.

Why eat for great taste when you could eat lots and lots and lots of something that tastes bland? Note my bitter sarcasm. I have a hard time understanding those people who take one bite of something really indulgent and then stop. They may not be Human. The CIA should really look into it. Anyway, you are a quantity person. From your large bag of air popped chips to your frozen yogurt that basically has negative calories, you want to get at least 30 hand-or-spoon-fulls from your afternoon pick me up. At the end of the day, nothing tastes as good as an extended snack time feels.

Low blood sugar is a reasonable excuse to eat the kind of candy usually reserved for 5-year-olds on Halloween. Sour Patch Kids? Yes please. Peach Fuzz? Uh, yeah. Jelly Belly? Totally underrated food group. I typically spot candy where others might pass by without thinking twice: one lollipop from the reception desk here, another handful of stale Arcor cream filled fruitful candies (remember those?) from your coworker’s office there – oh yes I did. Not all candy is created equal — there are definitely things you would rather put in a make-your-own bag at Dylan’s candy bar — but when all is said and done, you’ve never met a bite size piece of sugar that you didn’t love.
arcor-strawberry-candyAnd in no time my energy will start to dip, so I take out my back-up Hershey bar from my temperature-controlled desk drawer, break off a tiny square  to nibble on, and, Ahhhh, so much better. Especially if it’s been a particularly stressful day. “All I need is a taste” is my motto, which my friends absolutely does not comprehend about me. But that’s ok.

And then Graze was introduced, and lets just say that it answered all my crazed snacking antics and organized it in the most creative and tasteful array of assortments! The team over at Graze dub it DaRWIN an intelligent algorithm to design their range of 100+ delicious snacks to customize each and every box specially for you. And Eleanor the Leader of their Taste Team, is kind of like my spirit snacking animal. Their sole mission is to discover exciting flavors and create delicious new combinations that will delight your taste buds. And it’s been my second week receiving my carefully curated Graze box and now I will never look at snacking the same way.



One of my favorite from Graze is the Strawberries and Cream Granola Topper that I fancifully decorated on top of my yoghurt. The portions were perfect and I got to satisfy both my snack craze and sweet tooth while feeling nutritionally healthy.

I no longer need to pretend to be the nibbler. Gone are my days as a nibbler. You can act like a nibbler and succeed, but deep down we all know that we are devourers in disguise.

With all this snack talk. Did anyone else just get weirdly hungry? So tell me, what do you like to snack on?

Yvette xo



And for all my US readers, friends and family, here is a promo code to enjoy your first complimentary Graze box. No strings attached. You truly need to experience the Graze experience to truly appreciate snacking at its fullest potential.

Here’s how it works, visit enter the code: HASHTAG and sign-up (obvi!), then peruse their selections of delicious snacks by ‘box types‘ or by going through individual snacks and their ‘rating system‘ to narrow down your taste to 4 specially curated snacks for your first free box. And indulge yourself to some awesome snacks guilt-free.

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