Ideas Into Reality

As I bid adieu to both my style blog and photography sites to merging them into one for greater and new challenges, at one point there were so many projects on the go that I began to lose myself, and that eventually caught up to me. So I took this journey of relocating physically from Toronto to Singapore as a means to re-focus, re-assess and ultimately find what was important to me. Part of this whole journey of closing one chapter and opening another, along with it, came the re-branding and vamping of not just to but to myself – notice the long locks chopped off and lighter colour? Slowly turning ideas into reality.

Perspective is important, whether it is you looking into yourself, or concerning yourself with others, it is good to have and reflect every now and then. While I don’t want to repeat what has already been shared on my ABOUT page, as you know me for my style and photography, I am also a loving Wife, a Talent Management Professional, a Photographer, a Stylist, a Branding & Image Consultant.. you may say that I am a Dreamer, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Kudos to those that push their boundaries and want to do more with themselves. Because doing everything mentioned above is what keeps me sane, and my biggest support and number one fan is my Husband (aka “Hubba-Bubba”) he is my source of inspiration and creativity is my outlet and means of reaching out to each of you. If you ever have something to share, or wish to speak your mind, do contact me!

You will notice at the top of the navigation bar the main sections, and all that you will ever need.

So there you have it, simple in all its form and yet everything one could possibly need.

A new journey with new challenges awaits exciting opportunities. So I am really excited to share with you the fresh new look of this platform! While still incorporating my own edge and making style unequivocally the essence, because as a wise man once put it “fashion fades, style is eternal” – YSL, rhs. I hope that I can continue to inspire and add more value by documenting my travels, featuring inspirational people that define their own meaning of life. And challenge the norm that society accepts today, because I think we all somewhat and somewhere along the way lose our own sense of identity.

One thing that I hope people do not forget is to never stop dreaming, and to take the time to reflect as much as it is important to move forward.

Yvette xo