Missing You

Missing you my dear Moon. It is almost an outer body experience when you even begin to think about death. Though it is not you personally, it certainly feels like it. Sometimes you do not even begin to grasp the reality of it until it really hits you. And I mean really hit – hard – like the wind got knocked out of you. I met Daul in Paris, she was missing home, she was so young, and super super funny. The fashion world caught up to her and she was doing major runways and fashion magazine spreads – and just like that in 2009 – she was gone. Rest Her Soul.

And today, while I was chatting with an old friend we got to talking about our fun days living in Paris, and it made me reminiscent. Daul darling, you will always be missed. How does one see another’s pain? How does one feel another’s pain? I wonder if anyone is able to answer these questions, could one have prevented another’s pain from continuing?

A wise person once told me, “We celebrate one’s death to commemorate one’s existence to this World.” And I truly believe that. We all make a footprint in this World, whether we choose to leave a dent or a scratch is our choice. Just remember to enjoy every moment of it. Daul is one of my inspiration in pursuit to photography. And I intend on continuing to “capturing life as it happens” because it is just too important to watch it pass by.

Sometimes, just some times, I reminisce, I cry, and realize that I can get caught up in emotions because I am almost human too.

Missing you Moon, my dear copine.

Yvette xo