#ProudtoBe Me With TD Bank America

Love is love is love is love. And that is not a typo. June is LGBTQ Pride Month. To celebrate, TD Bank America has sponsored this post to genuinely share my story. There is no strings attached, nothing to sell here, but just sharing my #ProudtoBe Me with TD Bank America.

In light of the recent terrorist attack in Orlando. When these kinds of events occur, the word “tragedy” loses its weight. “Tragedy,” a single, lonely noun — the best one we have to describe such horrors — falls short when what we need, rather simply, is for the people who we have lost to come back. Maybe that’s why we can’t find our words in nightmares. They escape from our minds and hearts along with any cause to celebrate and mourning is the only action that feels appropriate.

But remember that these unthinkable events are exactly the time to celebrate. We must celebrate the lives lost. We must celebrate their names and legacies, their families’ strength. We must celebrate our differences, acceptance and equality. We must celebrate those who carry these values forward.

So when TD Bank America asked me “what makes you #ProudtoBe you?” since their philosophy is banking human and being human. They have asked me to share my story on what makes me unique and ultimately #ProudtoBe me.

I didn’t have to think so long and hard for this question since being creative is my ultimate scape goat, I am #ProudtoBe relentlessly pursuing my creative outlet as a Blogger and Photographer. We all have lots of things to prove to one self and others. But if time were of the essence and I had to choose one, is that I can live my life fearlessly. I love that I can express myself creatively and the opportunities that have opened for me to not only share my vision but also be a voice and advocate for what I believe in, in hopes to inspire and motivate others. Always be on the lookout for ways to pursue your dream. Nurture your dreams with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success.

#ProudtoBe Me With TD Bank America

So tell me, what is your #ProudtoBe story especially about acceptance and self-compassion.

Lets celebrate life. This is how we throw light into the universe: by sharing stories and love, by talking and learning and, ultimately, by breaking down barriers and crashing down the walls. This fight belongs to all of us.

A special #ProudtoBe Me with TD Bank America campaign.

Yvette xo