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Happy Friday! Last week I introduced a new segment called “TOP5″ and was ecstatic to learn how well it was received! Thank you for all the positive and constructive feedbacks. And just to be clear, these links are selected and short-listed by me, therefore reviewed and expressed through my own opinion.

So this week was a challenge since we are always on the hunt for creative ideas. I say this often, but we can never have enough inspirations!

And while I was gathering information and resources – it got me thinking about ways to improve and organize what we use the most (web & apps), and ways in which we communicate and believe are ‘common sense’ may not be for others , so I started perusing and came up with my ‘TOP 5’ for this week in becoming more tech savvy.


Click on the underlined links to visit the respective sites.

1. Photo Pin; instead of finding photos on google images and sourcing it incorrectly or worse, none at all, this site is (firstly) free, and provides you with the link to use which credits the original source, that way the image is all the more appreciated. It’s pretty simple to use and they have some really beautiful photos and a good variety (especially for my fellow fashion and style bloggers).

2. Pic Monkey; no Martha Stewart or CG expertise required! Now you can easily touch-up on your photos or create collages, it’s pretty simple and has got more options than what’s out there. Did I mention, it is free, fuss-free and no installing required.

3. 5 Quotes From Mark Zuckerberg That Prove Success Begins With Impossible Dreams; if he isn’t considered to be one of the most influential person in the Tech industry, then I don’t know who else would be! Great reminders that anything is possible.

4. 9 Rules For Emailing From Google Exec Eric Schmidt; seriously, not enough people realize or know of these rules. And whether you are a young professional or student, this is good to know and just basic email etiquettes. Trust me, even in the professional business world we we may think to believe that all of this is ‘common sense’ but will have you realize that very few actually exemplify by action.

5. 25+ apps to make your everyday life easier; I haven’t tried all, but one of my personal fave is “Pocket” — which if you use on your web browser on your computer is free, it is only a paid version for your phone and tablet (but they sync which is so handy!). I really recommend it for those that want to save those awesome articles but don’t want to actually add the whole site as a bookmark. It’s definitely a must-try! I don’t get my organization skills compared to Monica Gellar from ‘Friends’ for nothing! lol

-> Direct link to the pocket site [click here] or visit

While they may look like basic tools and resources for your everyday needs, its the little things that count that make up in better ways. Improving time management, learning basic etiquettes, are subtle but obvious ways in becoming savvier.

Check them out and enjoy your weekend!

Let me know your thoughts on any of the other apps recommended or if you would like to share a link below!

-YoLee xo

Image Source: Respective linked Sites: 1.; 2.; 3.; 4.; 5.