Living With What Happens Next

There are a lot of disturbances and civil unrests in different parts of the world at the moment. I won’t let my political stance get mixed into this, but lets talk about living with what happens next. It’s so much easier to turn back, and wish for things that could have happened in the past. But in reality we know deep inside that, that’s history.

living with what happens next
Believe it or not, most of us are okay with living with the consequences of what happens.

I would say the hardest part is living with our narrative about how it happened and why.

If your plane is late and you miss the meeting and you don’t close the sale, well, it was a missed opportunity beyond control.

But if your meeting is missed because you planned poorly, the story you tell yourself about why you didn’t get the sale might just be worse than the business impact of not having been to the meeting.

Stress in a typical job isn’t the stress of losing or being killed in action, it’s the stress of imagining the narrative of failure in advance, the self-shaming and the what-ifs. When we leave those out, we get a chance to do our real work, undistracted by drama, cliffhangers and blame.

So what does this all mean?

living with what happens next

It means, don’t turn back, don’t look back. Look ahead and keep going. We meddle too much of our time in thinking of what could have happened and drowning in thoughts beyond our control.

Everything is a mindset. Motivational quotes, inspirations all exist for this very reason. We must embrace the past and continue to look forward. I’m leaving my back to the past, because if you learn to embrace it, it will only help us prepare for what’s to come. That my friends, is courage and strength that is undestructable and better planning for tomorrow.

Some food for thoughts as we close out yet another beautiful weekend to face Monday!

Yvette xo



  • whenHarrymetSally

    omg! I was just thinking about you this weekend! I really miss your writing. You need to post your thoughts more frequently. This puts some of my thoughts I had over the past couple of weeks into perspective. You also look gorgeous btw!!! x

  • I actually love that you put thought provoking posts to your looks! you look freakin amazing!! That dress is amazing!!

  • SoSashaxo

    amazing look!!!! I love this dramatic yet elegant look on you!! Suits you totally well.

  • loving the look! Gorgeous lady :)
    Food for thought indeed. Thanks for sharing and inspiring my Monday! I couldn’t agree more- let’s learn to embrace the past, but not let it to stop us from heading forward.

  • um, can I just say you look fracking gorgeous!?!!?!?!!!!!! and your words are timely post this catastrophic times and very helpful indeed!

  • Love this – but you always look so onpoint. Those block heel Valentinos are such a fresh take on the Rockstuds. I hope you guys will be ok down there. Sigh. Us Canadians are SCARED.

  • Dana G.

    I hear you on your thoughts about what’s next. Thanks for voicing them as many people feel just like you. Love those heels too!

    Dana G.
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