Menswear Attire Inspired And Apropos

Call it timing, but Men’s fashion week always comes just in the nick of time — when it’s been too long since a real burst of sartorial inspiration, and women’s fashion week feels like it’s eons away (but really, it’s not). When you are just in dire need of something to spark your creative mind but it’s just not lighting. Because that’s the thing: those remnants are mere thoughts.

I got to thinking about it more internally. It dawned on me that in the last couple of months, while I hadn’t shopped very often, the only times I had purchased anything were of the male variety. I found myself at the new A.P.C boutique in the west village more often than needed. Splurging on plain pieces at that – that it puts Lands End to shame, but whatever.

On a related but totally random note, Mr. Porter reminds me on an almost daily basis how regretful I am to have been plagued with a foot so small I can’t even so much as ponder the notion of purchasing mens shoes. And trust me, there were many occasions. Boo-Hoo to me right? riiiiiiiiiight.

Menswear-Attire-Inspired-And Apropos-NYFWM

But what does this all mean? Has womenswear taken a turn for the uninteresting? Probably not. Perhaps it’s Me? Probably. Is this a game of role playing? Am I using menswear as a vehicle to quantify an absolute sense of equality? Am I looking too deeply into this sartorial boy’s club?

Some of my golden rule of thumb that compliments the boyish look;

  • Layer (not surprising coming from me). Layer colors and fabrics and textures. Trust no one who regurgitates quotes about taking one thing off before you leave the house, because they clearly didn’t live somewhere with a true, lip-chap winter.
  • Don’t let your outerwear dictate your outfit. That makes getting dressed so much harder. Rather, stick with your gut picks, then add the coat.
  • Flip your lenses, roll deep, roll your sleeves. If your sleeves are cropped, flaunt a dramatic forearm and really make the most of that punctuating real estate.
  • If you’re going to go monochrome, go black.

It’s exactly where the street-styled show-goers of Spring 2016 Men’s New York Fashion Week come in — right into the center of the concrete jungle, tapping thy hidden creativity or that perfect menswear look.

Yvette xo