Rain Proof Trench Style

When Monsoon Season hits Singapore, you almost have to expect atleast one torrential rainfall at any given time. So putting my favourite trench look forward was probably one of the best investments, and not to mention a wise one at that – that I had ever made.

We always see trench coat looks worn so effortlessly on Londoners and Parisians alike; and probably a first time feeling that style and function co-exist! It’s the perfect rain proof trench style.


If you have read the book “How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are” the first edition by Anne Berest, Caroline De Maigret, Audrey Diwan, and Sophie Mas (and if you have yet to read, what are you waiting for?!) they will tell you it is the one must-have item in every European women’s closet.


I mean, what’s not to like? It makes you look cool and classic and lend a polished vibe to your look, no matter what you happen to be wearing underneath. The sleek silhouette calls to mind fashion icons like Jackie O., Katharine Hepburn, or Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca (who can forget her trench coat flapping in the breeze?).


We have seen lots of cool spins on the timeless trench every season, from Burberry’s leather sleeves and acid-bright hues to Diane von Furstenberg’s cropped, nylon iterations… and the best thing about the style is that it comes in multiseasonal fabrications and colors, making it an appropriate choice for any occasion. Pairing it with a classic pair of pumps or your favourite weekend converse, the trench instantly gives you versatility.

Here are some classic trench styles at every price;

And that is the value of investing in the right trench coat.

Thanks for reading!

-YoLee xo

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  • lavieenliz

    such a great look


    • Diva JJ

      just checked out your blog @lavieenliz:disqus and love your style babe!

  • sophiestyle

    love your trench look!! I just love trench coats too! They just go with everything!

  • wow! what a beautiful shot of your style and background!! you are killin’it babe! x

  • dothedewS

    gorgeous look!! I love this trench look! I was wondering about that book….. is it any good?

  • fancydaint

    I loved that book! it was definitely one of those fun reads. I almost let it go bc I thought it was more for hype and overrated, but it’s not bad. A tad on the snobbish side but whatever, that’s the Parisian way! ;-)

  • fancydaint

    p.s. LOVE that trench coat look!! it looks so fresh with that white lace over denim! are those pumps or mules?

  • JustCassy

    these are beautiful shots and I especially love how you styled the trench look altogether!!

    • JustCassy

      are those mules??? i LOVE your shoes!!!

  • Diva JJ

    seriously you have such an effortless killer style. This one is a perfect femme fatale look babe! xoxo

  • Diva JJ

    And your accessories are spot on!

  • Olivia DW.

    oh myyyyy!!! these are beautiful shots babe!! and I am so in love with this trench look! the lace dress over the denim, the mules, and sunglasses all go so well!!

  • the backdrop with this trench coat look is so perfect babe!! makes me want to visit Singapore so bad! x

  • chaeyoncé

    aughhhh that book is a snob and a half. I don’t know, I was disappointed with the book. But I love this classic trench look with the lace over denim!