Sequins For Brunch

While quite literally, but not, dumbing down your quintessential human disco-ball attire to brunch is the fun way to give other’s something to stare about over some western omelette and coffee – black. You can call this sequins for brunch, my social experiment.

If Sequins was a title to a movie, I picture it a Tarantino production with Bjork as the main star. In other words, sequins are a whole lot of fun and crazy shit to deal with. While perfect for the Holidays, like New Year’s Eve or your last heave-ho before tying the knot – but then gets shoved deep into our closets and doesn’t see the light of day for another century. Or the tragic ending, tossed onto a pile for donations.

So as a test for this post and the “being green” so-called side of me got the sparkliest sequinned number and dressed it down with the basics to brunch, and you can call this my social experiment or whatever, to see if dumbing it down will actually go unnoticed.

Lets just say, as soon as I took my coat off, I became the glares for those struggling with hangovers and the talk of the tables for the ‘enlightened’ – I mean, I might as well have hung myself upside down to the ceiling fan and literally become the human disco ball.

The sunlight hitting off each sparkly sequin to blind every single person in that restaurant was priceless. And you know how we get drawn to the light, so as much as people despised my top selection, it’s like they couldn’t help themselves but to keep staring.


Is it just me, or are we seeing much more shimmery pieces all over major retailers this season? So this got me thinking.. I mean, some of us live every eve like New Years Eve, 200-TK sunglasses et al, but for those of us a little more refined and less enthused by thematic dressing, there’s no reason to stack your sequins in that same sweater pile and stow them away post-new calendar.

Pairing these with basics; some basic denims and sneakers may not be most intuitive look to try. But there is something about dressing up your denim taken to a whole other level with sequins.

And while I can’t guarantee that dumbing it down will miraculously make everything A-ok, at least it will bring something to the table…. and to those tables around you. But whatever, more importantly you need the ‘tude to go with this number, because people will stare.

And besides, life can get flat so don’t forget to have fun and add some sparkle to your everyday look.

Thanks for reading.

Yvette xo