The F Dept Silver Clutch

Lately I have been drawn to garments that have a little extra shine, and typically we wait for the New Years Eve Holiday Celebrations to embrace a serious metallic moment. Thankfully, New Year falls twice in Asia, once at the turn of the actual year, and then a second time to celebrate the Chinese Lunar year. But we no longer have to wait for special holiday occasions to bring a little glimmer and shine into our wardrobe.

When it comes to styling, I love the challenge of keeping a metallic look from appearing too flashy or over-the-top. The line between modern chic and futuristic space attire can become wary when wearing glitzy metallics. Sticking with traditional everyday staple pieces and shades are great ways to update and take your wardrobe to the next level. Even just a hint of sheen, like a single piece of accessory (be it; shoes, or clutch, or a statement jewelry), makes for an exceptional addition and can leave a lasting impression.

So when I discovered The F Dept for some cute accessories, I was excited to discover some fashionable items at affordable prices! And it’s smart fashion too!

The one exactly as below is their Chrissy Faux Leather Roll Top Clutch from The F Dept‘s newest collection, [click here] or the image below to check it out. It comes in Gold as well, but I opted for the silver to give off some cool vibes in this scorching hot weather!

Any time I can incorporate a trend into accessories, I instantly become a million times more addicted to the said trend. Plus, styling becomes so much fun and creative. Not only does my silver clutch and sandals go with just about any casual look, but who doesn’t have a few silver or gold accessories laying around?

We spend the majority of the time in fear of trying new trends and/or incorporating colour into our style, and too concerned over what and how others will think, but rest assured, this one is here to stay, which makes one metallic accessory an essential style piece. Instantly taking your look to the next-level-chic by replacing your neutral accessories with an eye-catching metallic piece. The extra shine will give your outfit the perfect shimmering finish.

How will you be infusing a little metallic bling to update your wardrobe? Share on the comments below!

In the meantime check out the latest collection of fun accessories over at The F Dept and discover what the incredible girl power duo at The F Department are all about.

Or follow them on Instagram @theFdept or Facebook @theFdept for more flirty and fun fashion looks.

And stay tuned for some other chic style collaborations coming in March!

Thanks for reading!

Yvette xo



  • wow! i LOVE these shots and those silver clutch & sandals are wayyyyyyy chic! and the way you put everything together is soooo good! <3 xx

    • thanks @lafashcurator:disqus

  • TheresaKuhn

    I really really like the clutch and how you styled it together! Love your style!
    – The from Thailand

    • thank you so much! i love Thailand! hope to visit again! x

  • fancydaint

    this is quite the minimalistic a la Margiela look! i love styles like this! i’ve always wanted to attempt but feared (as you exactly mentioned) of looking like a lab researcher or the latter! this looks simple enough! thanks for the inspiration luv! x

    • haha thanks! that was exactly something I was aiming for! that minimalistic clean lines, totally into it these days! ;-)

    • p.s. if you do end up trying the look, do tag me on IG so that I can admire the look!! xx

  • sgstyling

    this is soooooooo cute lar! you really make my hometown into a beautiful place with your pretty photos of these places!

    • thanks so much @sgstyling:disqus x

    • Diva JJ

      so true! I have to agree with you @sgstyling:disqus she really does make the mundane look interesting too!

  • Diva JJ

    gorgeous darling! I love how you give a story behind your outfit selection. It actually makes the viewer appreciate it all the more! that red building behind you has some beautiful character!

  • dothedewS

    I love metallic accessories and that clutch with your minimalistic look is so chic!! x

  • JustCassy

    this is such a great look you put together with your metallic clutch and shoes! where are those shoes from??