Paradox To Originality

What does that even mean? Well for starters I took some time off to think about my blog and where it’s at today since its launch. And I have come to a point where I felt stuck, uninspired if you will. Nothing to do with collaborations, outfits, photography, writing, but just as an individual. But lets discuss the paradox to originality for a minute, shall we? I am known to ponder on thoughts in trying to figure out what this all means. And sometimes I feel like I get lost in my train of thoughts and find it hard to swim back to the surface. But when I do, I get a moment of clarity and everything just makes sense again.

You realize that there are millions of people trying to do similar things, something important for the first time. With the abundance amount of resource from the net, posting, creating, daring to take a plunge.

It’s hard, because you quickly realize the number of people racing with you to be original is huge.

In fact, the numbers are so daunting that the chances that you will create something that resonates, spreads and changes the culture are really close to zero. I am by far from a pessimist, but this is just the harsh reality of it.

But it’s also certain that someone will. In fact, there’s a 100% chance that someone will step up with an action or a concept so daring that it does genuinely resonate with us. Nearly zero and certain. At the same time.

So you have to pick your odds, decide what you care about and what matters the most to you and act accordingly.

Paradox To Originality

People often ask me where I get my inspiration from, other than writing a blog post (a practice that’s free, and truly priceless), I unequivocally believe reading more blogs is one of the best ways to become smarter, more effective and more engaged in what’s going on with the rest of the world and detaching ourselves from ourselves, if that makes any sense. I call it the last great online bargain. We are all so consumed and immersed in our daily lives that we forget to look at the bigger picture.

Some of my favorite blogs to read are the following;

ManRepeller: Leandra and her team always have some fun reads, and it’s turned into a lifestyle blog over the year.

JetSetJustine: Justine is articulate and expresses her thoughts beautifully! Not to mention her personal style is impeccably on point.

JoeRogan: I know what you are thinking, “what the what?!” but his podcasts are so interesting, and it’s not all about UFC. His voice can be irritating but his guests and his candid humor is what sets him apart from others.

Penelope Trunk: Trunk is smart, brutally honest, transparent, and a little bit over the top (if you ask me) — and can be very controversial (her blog posts range from “Don’t Do What You Love” to “Choose Sex Over Money”). But agree with her or not, she ultimately offers some interesting nuggets of advice for just about everyone.

A great blog isn’t focused on the vapid race for clicks that other forms of social media encourage. Despite what brands want, I think we lose sight of what’s important from our core. And we are so immersed in it 24/7 that we are sadly so immune by it. A great blog patiently informs and challenges, using you (the reader) and your time with respect. Think about it, Google doesn’t want you to read blogs anymore. They shut down their RSS reader and they’re dumping many blog subscriptions into the gmail promo folder, where it’s languish unread. And Facebook doesn’t want you to read blogs either. They have cut back the organic sharing some blogs benefitted from so that bloggers will pay to ‘boost’ their traffic to what it used to be.


What I want to remind you guys is that, while we often compare life as a race, it’s also important to remind ourselves that not everything is one.

Once you see it that clearly, so many things are clearly not races. And when we treat life that way, we cut corners, try to find shortcuts, as well as deceive ourselves.

We sometimes abbreviate, “he/she won a particular race,” to, “he/she’s a winner.” They are two different things.

Just remember that the next time you are feeling defeated or demotivated. Not everything is about winning or losing or a race. Which brings me back to my topic at hand; the paradox to originality is that there is no such thing. Some of us just improvise better. So make sure to enjoy the moment and appreciate things for what it is.

Thanks for reading!

Yvette xo



  • whenHarrymetSally

    bloody brilliant! I was beginning to wonder what happened to you! I missed your posts. Wish you could be writing full-time! You are quite insightful and thought provoking as well. I appreciate what you have to say. And it’s interesting because it’s not always about style, contrary to your instagram. Thanks for responding back to my email! Welcome back!! – Pat

    • thanks Pat for your email and your words of support! nothing motivates and gratifies me more than my readers expressing their satisfaction to what i do for my blog.

    • dothedewS

      Agreed! wish you could post daily but I guess I can understand your conundrum then. Haha!

      • haha well I work professionally so that would definitely impose some challenges!

        • dothedewS

          you are such a fascinating individual! what do you do professionally, if you don’t mind me asking? do you think you can do a post about it?? I am so intrigued and quite impressed that you can manage to juggle a blog while working professionally.

          • oh! what timing! I work in talent management, specifically in leadership development and career and succession processes in HR. I love this aspect of my job, as well as doing the blog on the side. hm.. I may do a Q&A in a future post that comprises some of these details. I will definitely take your suggestion to heart. Thanks!

          • dothedewS

            brilliant! but also very inspiring that you can manage both and keep yourself sane and successful all at the same time! DO let me know if you post this because I am VERY interested to learn more! xx

  • dothedewS

    I love that you challenge yourself and open your mind to other things than just style. Honestly when I visit most fashion bloggers, all I see are “look at me – look at me” personas and I do get bored of it because literally everyone has similar content. I like a great read every now and then, so good on you for continuing to putting your efforts in it and making each post count. x

    • yeah I totally agree. we get so involved with ourselves that sometimes it’s hard to not look past it. but I think that’s exactly what I was dealing with. the challenges of trying to not talk about myself all the time.

  • sgstyling

    I don’t think you need to worry so much about originality. I think you are unique and style so effortlessly chic in your ways that I am so fascinated by your lifestyle and way of thinking. I admire your work! So keep them coming ah!

    • thanks! and thanks for your email too! you are hilarious! lol xx

  • sgstyling

    p.s. the background to those photos are so cool! where is this taken??

    • it’s in Tribeca, such a cool wall right?

  • I absolutely love your blog and I think this is my favourite post to date. Well done! I really miss creative writing and I think I will start incorporating more of that into my blog. Stats be damned! xoxoxo

    • thank you so much! that means so much to me. I love your style and blog too! Haha well we all know stats are important but I miss visiting a page to read what other people have to say.

      • Exactly….xo Keep up the great writing (an photography and styling). ;o)

  • Lauren Goodman

    I love reading! I feel like it’s a past-time often overlooked and depreciated, because who has time for that?! But I think what you point out is so on point. Especially about treating life as if it were a race, and identifying a winner of a specific race versus being a winner/loser. Because we get so caught up in our lives we lose sight of great moments. I love your thoughts and encouragement to disassociate ourselves. xoxo

    • me too! I hear ya! thanks for sharing your views as well.

  • Myriam

    I saw your snap and decided to drop off some questions for you here…..
    1. what’s your background? (ethnicity?)
    2. how do you style yourself day-to-day?
    3. what does a typical day look like for you?
    4. who takes your photos? and what do you like better (being shot or taking the shot)?
    5. you seem so down to earth (even in your snaps!) what are 5 words your friends would use to describe you?

    • dothedewS

      those are really good questions! especially 3 and 5!

  • Rachel S.

    this might sound like a weird question… but how many times do you wash your hair in a week? I have similar length and i think texture? as you do but your hair looks so shiny and healthy! what’s your hair routine?