Windy Silhouette

There is something magnetic about the colour red, and especially when it is a women’s dress. In fact, that’s probably why there’s even a song by Eric Clapton called ‘Lady in Red’ and as much as Men are drawn to this colour on Women, I can’t help myself be equally drawn to the colour too.

I had been meaning to find the perfect occasion to take this beautiful Michael Kors dress for a walk, and got inspired from the movie Sex & The City 2 when Carrie (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) is wearing her stunning orange Halston dress by the beach in Abu Dhabi.

And this dress was the perfect calling for that romantic look while walking hand-in-hand with my beau.

I have visited my share of remote areas in other parts of the world like; Indonesia, New Caledonia, Fiji, Brazil, etc., but this private island called Komandoo in Maldives was a piece of heaven on earth. And so fitting to shoot this pop of red, with the contrasting hues of blues from the Skies and Waters.


The delicate yet complex material of the dress added much dramatic flair at the beach. I love the movement of this dress, even in the slightest gust it forms such a windy silhouette.

-YoLee xo

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