Bintan Getaway

One of the best things about living in Singapore is that, it is quite literally a central hub for all the South East Asian countries and islands alike. Just an hour ferry ride away is Bintan Island that is part of Indonesia. Probably one of the most affordable and secluded getaways I have ever been on/to. The resort we stayed at, can only accommodate so many number of guests and is rather far out from the port compared to the other resorts, and that just made it all the more rewarding. Our mini secluded Bintan getaway really. The only thing I was bracing myself for, was the sea ride to and from the Island, it was nauseating and turbulence-y – but I survived! But the rest of the island is like a real facade.

During the day there was no water by the shore, which made it look like a dry dessert than a sea! But by late afternoon the water crept back to shore. Glad that I was able to get some great shots while it was dry.


If there is one thing Singapore is known for, it is their chilli crab (hello Jumbo Seafood!) – and so to cater to the number of Singaporean vacation goers to its close vicinity are  a number of chilli crab renditions, therefor a must-try when you are in Bintan Island.


What I try to capture through my lens is the moment in time that I hope sparks emotion and inspires reaction. After all, if what they say about “beauty being the eye of the beholder” is at all true, then these images are a façade or what you want to make of it.

While we were there for a “quick-mini” getaway over the weekend, the secludedness made us feel like we were away for a week, it was all the more relaxing and just pure bliss. Nothing but endless skies and dry sea!

I prefer to be a part of bigger image in a setting or interesting background, and  hoping that the outfit’s silhouette or shade will enhance the whole picturesque effect.

Now just sit back, catch up on some reading, eat lots, sleep lots, and get your tan on!

Yvette xo

Accommodations at Bintan Spa Villa, click here to visit their site for more info.