Paradise Is Maldives

While I have visited my share of Islands around the Pacific; from New Caledonia, to Fiji – Maldives was one destination at the very top of my list to visit. A lot of the time while travelling locations, I feel like some places can be more photogenic than what is displayed in front of me, or the complete opposite – impossible to capture the beauty in its entirety the way I see it. But Maldives definitely is one place where the beauty of what you see in pictures and in-person are identical.

Maldives is an island nation in the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. The country is made up of over 1,190 coral islands formed around 26 natural ring-like atolls off the southwest coast of India. This is a dream destination for obvious reasons of the sun and sea, and I wasn’t sure just how much to anticipate on its surreality and beauty.

As a traveller I am used to being on the go, often not knowing how or allowing myself to slow down or switch off, in fear of missing out on experiencing or exploring some interesting sights. This is also why I’m rarely sunbathing or laying low, instead roaming every inch of the islands as much as I could.

The islands are small but only the beginning… the true beauty lies under the surface with a healthy reef teeming with wildlife.

Apart from soaking up the sunshine and fresh air, exploring the underwater was the highlight of this trip. Lucky for us we managed to stay at those private huts floating above the water and a straight walk-out to the open waters for snorkelling the coral reefs.


The first time in Maldives, and it made me feel like I was walking through the screen saver that I had saved years back. The whitest sand, clearest azure seas and amazing coral reefs.

And luckily I returned a couple of times over for amazing projects.

Definitely one destination worth visiting. Often times we assume that these destinations are for honeymooners, but there are also those that visit “just because” to explore, and just about everyone we came across answered that paradise is Maldives, the epitome explained so simply and precisely. One place that I hope everyone can experience visiting once in their lifetime.

Thanks for reading!

-YoLee xo

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