Does Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince Really Work?

It feels like with all the new labels entering into the beauty market in the most recent years, some of them having definitely shaken things up, like Glossier, Pony Effect, and more recently Lipstick Queen, that’s at least caught my attention, and certainly consider as one of the most interesting lipsticks to strut the face of this earth – their ‘Frog Prince’ series. Deep green in appearance, the lipstick quickly changes to a shade of pink according to your pH balance and skin tone! Like, that is some serious Houdini and Einstein hybrid magic shit if I ever saw one. Think of it as like a mood ring for your lips. So I finally decided to give it a whirl to answer the burning question – “..but does Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince really work?” And the answer is yes. Hell to the fucking Y-E-S.

I was eager to get them, but reluctant to try, and for those of you that know me, seeing as I’m not that crazed of a beauty junkie – and yet go impulse happy whenever I am shopping at Sephora or Bloomingdale’s (as witnessed from my Snaps). Frog Prince popped into my mind when Bloomie’s recently announced that the new Frog Prince Cream Blush and Lip Gloss had arrived, I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and ultimately test once and for all.



First, the Frog Prince Lip Gloss. It is as green and glittery as you’d imagine it to be, and it applies on easily and nicely, leaving just a slight tinge of micro green glitter on your lips. (For reference, I’d say my skin tone is medium-fair with a hint of olive.) By the second coat, my lips had already turned into a bright fruit punch-y fuchsia pink. Interesting!! I’m not a big fan of lip gloss, but the gloss felt light and non-sticky on the lips. And true to its word, it also left a slight plumping effect.

To double check that the color did in fact change on my lips, I tested the gloss on my arm. And by George, it stayed green. Did I like the shade of pink bequeathed upon me by Frog Prince? MEH, but that could also merrily be because I am not a fan of bright pink lips. I am more of a velvety red lip kind of gal. (Huge Tom Ford Lip Boy fan!) And since it works based on your pH balance, the hue varies for everyone. Like my assistant, she got a berry pink out of it. Which I personally would have preferred.

What’s surprising about the Frog Prince Lip Gloss is that it actually stays on like a tint. A clear bright pink remained on my lips after I blotted the shine away. If you want a lip color that sticks around after a meal and a few glasses of rosé, this is definitely your thing.



And last but not least, I tested the cream blush. Now, this one changes from green to pink almost immediately, even before it touches the skin. What kind of Harry Pottery sorcery is this?! And for testing purposes, I first used a brush and then used my fingers and the results turned out to be the same. The blush is very pigmented, so I would recommend using just a small amount for your whole cheek.

And much like the lip gloss, the cream blush works like a tint and leaves a sheer, bright pink glow to my cheeks. I prefer peach-pink blushes, but I can see myself wearing this on off days when I want a little flush in my usually bare cheeks. My assistant also got to test the blush since she likes to self-tan and it turned into a lovely nude-pink, which again, would have been my personal preference. But nothing I can do to alter my pH balance.

Would you give it a try? Have you already tried it? Do you already own one? What are your thoughts?

Yvette xo