Digital Girl Living In A Digital World

The debate and heated dicussions of the digital sphere continues. What is the era of content, and content being king. I cannot help but still cringe at the word content. As overwhelming as the drastic evolvement of our digital scene can appear, it’s still worth the effort, especially for media professionals, to simply wiggle out of the box of traditions and approach the newness with a fresh mindset. I can still recall my journalism class I took in Uni-days one reference frame but that shouldn’t become the limiting factor, after all, generations aside, I am a digital girl living in a digital world.

Digital Girl Living In A Digital World

A change is no longer as good as a rest. It’s better than a rest.

Recently, my colleague forwarded me this older article on Forbes via LinkedIn to validate a recent debate from our discussion. The article and arguably the heated topic about digital space today attempts to define today’s media landscape. The opening statement claims that the term media is “abused” and that the content continuum from professionally produced to amateur’s is becoming more fluid. Well, yes, that is the obvious.

The resistance I spot in such outlook can be no more than futile to me.

Digital Girl Living In A Digital World

While I can agree with some of the quoted views in the article that media is profitable content. Unequivocally. And that creative advertising is a share of the pie when originality is valued by the market and therefore takes precedence.
The complex message here is, readership is key but it alone doesn’t prescribe. What is predetermined in this whole game is that the readers are simultaneously trained to grow a discerning eye. The incessant evolution of the readership, to me, is a key factor that outlines the digital landscape.

That last point is critical. Because creative content that has no monetary value risks losing the title. Readership matters. If the creative work doesn’t sell, instead of sticking to the bubble, we creators need to find out what went wrong. There is nowhere to hide in this digital age.

But the other extreme that we should keep top of mind is to follow what is exactly staying behind the curve. It’s a strategically complex task to get ahead. But the tested-and-still-true rule is, ultimately, good content wins.

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