Louis Vuitton x Supreme Collaboration is Real

Before Louis Vuitton x Supreme’s collaboration debuted with great fanfare today at Paris Men’s Fashion Week as one of the most speculated and much anticipated but compelling unions of late, the question of who exactly the ideal customer would be remained unanswered. After all, where does one find an anarchist skateboarder with a penchant for luxury leatherwear? Fear not. Fuccbois and their moms will be ready to get their hands on these collectable items. Sitting in the show’s frow was rapper Travis Scott outfitted in the collab’s wares, head to toe.

It’s safe to say despite the rumors, no one could have predicted the depth and scope of the collaboration. It’s big. Bigger than most one-off collections, which is sure to only drive the demand for these luxury pieces to new astronomical heights before they even hit store shelves.

All bullshit aside: Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with Supreme is no child’s play, we’re not talking about a pint sized capsule collection with a handful of items here. From giant red trunks and weekend bags to denim shirts and scarves, Supreme’s signature logo was front and centre at Louis Vuitton’s Menswear Fall/Winter 2017 runway. Okay, now you can freak out.

Is this one of the coolest fashion collaborations ever? Quite possibly. It looks good, that much is clear. That one print with both the LV and Supreme logo together is a killer. Those bright red leather bags? So good. But more than just being eye candy, the partnership is incredibly smart.

For starters, logomania is still going strong. Creating a print from two logos that can already push figures solely on their own is a sure-win formula. Plus, everyone knows Supreme goodies sell like hotcakes. People literally queue overnight week after week to make sure they get to the latest drop first. Those who don’t have local access have to go via the eBay route. That, or take a plane. Add that kind of fervour with that already existing behind Louis Vuitton’s logo-printed runway pieces and you have what is possibly the fashion collaboration of the century.

The fashion crowd is in the bag. The Supreme crowd is in the bag. The intersection between the two sets are in the bag. People who were previously outside the “Louis Vuitton x Supreme” Venn diagram suddenly find themselves moving toward the bag. We can only imagine the situation outside Louis Vuitton stores worldwide when the collection drops IRL. Pretty sure waiting lists everywhere are growing by the minute.

Yay or nay to this whole fuccboi’s wet dreams?

-Yvette xo