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Today was a sad day in Fashion, as both my Twitter and Instagram feed started flooding with photos of Oscar De La Renta and peace wishes. My mouth quite literally dropped to the floor, and even the gloomy clouds looming over the city fit my mood with the latest news. It was an honour to have attended Oscar De La Renta AFFSG14 in Singapore this year.

This made me reflect back to a few months back, during the month of May, where I was invited to attend Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore, specifically for the opening whom Prabal Gurung opened to kick-off the fashion week festivities, and then for the grand finale Oscar De La Renta closed the show with over 60 looks, and the attendance of actress and SK-II ambassador Kate Bosworth.


I even bumped into the gorgeous Kate Bosworth while we were finding our seats, and even mustered the courage to say ‘hi’ and was so cool about taking a selfie – which I do not do very often. She was absolutely charming and so sweet, the only nuance is the lighting pre-shows as it never works in our favour, but we made the most of it.

If there is one thing I appreciate about Oscar De La Renta’s work is not to overthink it. You know you always have that looming question of “what inspired your work” to the Designer as there usually is a theme. And what I can personally attest to, is that his designs are classic conventional that keeps true to something he was once quoted on, “My role as a Designer is to make a Woman feel her very best.” – ODLR

Imagine, to create and offer clothes to women that they will want to wear and in which they will feel beautiful and ready for anything. We often overlook and under appreciate simple designs and practicality, but there’s a lot more effort, thought, and creative genius that goes into all that, but boiled down, that’s the end goal. And each season, he nails it.

This fall season, he delivered on all counts. He offered his signature dress silhouettes for day and night. And there were some stunning suits in the broad shoulder-nipped waist-short peplum-fitting skirt silhouettes.

For fall, de la Renta delivered on all counts. He offered his signature dress silhouettes for day and evening—that would be sleeveless with a full skirt and sweeping and strapless, respectively—as well as options like the swishy beaded columns. And there were beautiful suits in that broad shoulder-nipped waist-short peplum-slim skirt silhouette he’s been favoring lately.

The black laser-cut grid version and one in claret lace were easily some of the best of the show. The subtle menswear pattern, which de la Renta interpreted through a tailored coat dress was one of my favourite looks. Oh, and the cut-out number with matching shoes.


After the show, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of Oscar de la Renta LLC; Alex and Eliza Bolen were presented to receive the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award. And they have great visions and strategies to continue Oscar de la Renta’s legacy.

 “Oscar de la Renta says that design without a commercial purpose is just an art project. We’re a business, not an art project.” says Alex Bolen on his vision on the growth of the household name.

And they also released a public letter for the rest of the World; [Image Source via WWD]

Fear not, I believe that so long as those who contribute to the brand, believe and values some of Oscar de la Renta’s cites,  his legacy will live on.   “You’re only as good as your last collection.” – ODLR


With today’s loss of one of the most inspirational couturier of time, with his creative vision, Oscar de la Renta truly contributed in  making this World a beautiful place, empowering Women and Men alike by allowing us to dream, and aspire to achieve our dreams.

I am so thankful to have had the honour to attend his show, to admire his beautiful work.

How would you describe the Oscar woman?

-YoLee xo

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