Designer Spotlight: February People

If there is one thing that I am always on the hunt for, is the next classic “it” bag. Note the word classic before the word “it”. I tend to distance myself from the trend-wave because what’s the point? Fast forward to next season, everyone has jumped ship onto the next latest thing, and I am the sucker stuck with it. Hello trendency! And we just get sucked into it deeper and deeper. I like to consider myself both a realist and a minimalist. While I love to spend my hard-earned money on a luxury piece, I want to be smart about it. Trends are definitely something worthy when on sale.

I feel that now is the time, more than ever before, where new emerging Designers and Labels can make a name for themselves. While you have the major European houses racking their brains for the next big trend, it is the quiet and subtle labels like Mansur Gavriel (though personally never caught onto the whole craze, the handles and drawstrings just look too dainty for my liking – I thought their marketing and branding tactic was genius), and February People coming out with limited number of pieces, testing the demand, with real simple yet aesthetically beautiful arm candies were on point in today’s volatile market.

But a label like February People with its sleek minimalistic design, (like – gasp! dare I compare it? like a Margiela who still remains one of the most enigmatic in the fashion industry.) I was intrigued by this new label and it’s monochromatic silhouetted branding of their Victoria bag (it’s first series of their official launch). It was simple, stark and industrial. It’s not everyday that a new emerging brand entices my curiosity but I wanted to learn more, and where it was coming from.

So let me introduce to you this mysterious label February People. A design studio based out of Singapore that is committed to creating exceptional products inspired by melancholic stillness and industrial allure.

MsYL: Where does February People get their design inspirations from?
FP: sculptural and architectural silhouettes largely inspire us. Hence when a bag or an accessory is designed – the focus will primarily be on how the bag adds on to the silhouette of a person. Simple and stark at first glance yet intriguing enough for a second glance is our objective. Our designs are created with a certain mood in mind – at the moment ‘mysteriousness of an anonymous’ comes to mind which explains the faceless models of our most recent campaigns.

MsYL: How would you describe the person shopping February People?
FP: the individual has a strong point of view in what they wear and willing to pay for something exclusive, unique and yet practical. And is also highly imaginative and appreciates abstruse visuals.

MsYL: Who are your current or all-time favourite Designer(s) and why?
FP: There are many designers that we respect. We are currently studying with the older works of Martin Margiela. He was one of the first few designers that challenged what luxury fashion could be, he leaned away from glossy air brushed pretty models to applying a more raw and ‘grunge’ approach to his work such as deconstruction, recycling and raw finishes, in an intelligent and sleek manner, his ideas provoked shock and intrigue.

MsYL: Your minimalistic images on your Instagram feed and simple aesthetics of the Victoria bag was what caught my attention, what is the story behind that decision and its geometry?
FP: We are a huge advocate of the simple and fuss-free lifestyle and have an obsession with how modest and mysterious the shade black could be. It brings out a certain melancholy that resonates with the semi-introverted personality (which can also be described of our Creative Director).

MsYL: How would you describe your local style scene, and does that make or cramp Singapore’s style? If not the local scene, what other Cities/Countries inspire your own personal style or the FP concept and why?
FP: Singaporeans in general are less experimental with what they wear and are more concerned with perception of others. They tend to lean towards what is generally accepted. However there are the rare occasions where someone will be dressed uniquely or on-point in Singapore. Our Creative Director has lived in Taipei and New York for a period of time and have been inspired by how experimental and daring the residents are of their fashion choices. It is definitely important to have your own sense of style and not to follow trends blindly.

MsYL: What is next for February People?
FP: From our success of a sold-out collection of the Victoria bag, we are in the midst of designing different variations of it for our next release. And an entirely new bag design is also in the works. Your readers can also check out our Instagram @februarypeopleonline for all of our  latest updates.

MsYL: Any special story behind the Victoria bag?
FP: Our Creative Director initially created the Victoria bag for their own personal use after being in search of a simple yet functional bag and being frustrated with the lack thereof in the market. And pretty soon it quickly gained a cult following, hence the decision to make it our debut collection.


We often hear this sort of thing from brands, ‘conceptual waffle’ that means very little in practice – but February People the label is different – their symbolic adoption of the shade black plays out in real life. And for this, I dare to put them in comparison along the lines of a Margiela. 

If major fashion houses’ iconic logos incorporate the initials of their founders, inciting an envious flash of recognition when a passer-by studies your bag for more than a second. The ingenue behind a design based on a solid colour or silhouette, to me, that has a much more commanding presence than an obvious logo.

If I could summarize a way for the general masses to appreciate minimalism, “a silent voice has a much powerful impact than a loud one.” said by yours truly – another favourite and respectable Designer of mine is Dieter Rams, and his ten design principles often referred to as the ‘ten commandments’ are what I abide by before I even consider a purchase. Design and function go a long way, and with minimal aesthetics goes further.

Do check out February People online. You won’t be disappointed.

That is all.

Thanks for reading.

Yvette xo