Designer Spotlight: Hera Park Of H.R. Jewelry

Lately I have been obsessed with finding unique accessories, whether they are simple or meticulous in design, so long as they make a statement on its own. And this is where my story begins of how I met H.R. by Hera Park.

And then something beyond happened. I have heard of all the serendipity ways of crossing paths over the web via Instagram, Twitter, etc., with a simple “@” and “#” symbols connecting one individual to another across the world. But never did I imagine that it would happen to me. With today’s social media platforms, the internet has become somewhat of a miracle worker.

Sometimes I feel like we abuse the system with our own ignorance, but then we often over look the good stuff. I feel like because the blogsphere has become so saturated and a majority in it for the wrong reasons, that it sucks the fun out of those grinding hard with passion in this industry. We have become so complacent with entitlement and self-proclamation of “influencer” attitude that I am sometimes ashamed to call myself a blogger.

Who wouldn’t want to work and collaborate with brands, or become insta-famous. And when you get sucked in, it gets harder and harder to get yourself out. No wonder they say man is self-destructive, we do this to ourselves.

But then on the brighter note, the same tool(s) connects us to an amazing reach that we never had before. And this is where I met Hera Park, Jewelry Designer extraordinaire from and based out-of, Seoul Korea. If you follow the world of Korean Culture like k-pop, k-drama, k-fashion or any of the popular Korean fashion models then you may be well acquainted with some of H.R Jewelry’s work already.

And for those of us that are unfamiliar, allow me to introduce H.R Jewelry and the amazing designer herself, Hera Park. I got the opportunity to connect with her for a quick Q&A session.

I translated the Q&A to english, but will leave the Korean version for those visiting my page from Korea. And I apologize in advance for not being able to translate this entire article to Korean, as my Korean level is probably at an intermediate (if not beginners) level! I would hate for any of it to get lost in translation and I can only trust so much of what google translates. Hope you enjoy it!


MsYL: Can you share a little about who is/are behind H.R Jewelry? Age, where you were born and raised, currently based out-of, and what made you get into jewelry designing?
Hera: My name is Hera Park, I am fifty-two, born and raised in South Korea. The name H.R is derived from my initials HeRa and am currently based out-of Seoul. Before I got into design, I have worked as a Fashion Stylist and a Buyer. I initially got into designing to gift them for some close friends of mine, and it quickly became popular that I decided to launch H.R Jewelry more officially, and the rest is history.

MsYL: 자기 소게해주세요, 나이, 짧은 히스토리, 그리고 언제/어떻게 주얼리 디자인을 시작 하셨는지.
H.R: 저는 seoul에서 자라서 seoul에서 활동하는 H.R 의 대표이며, 디자이너 박혜라(Hera Park) 입니다. 52살 이구요. Fashion Stylist 출신입니다. 처음 제가 취미로 디자인한 악세서리들을 친구들에게 선물하기 시작하면서 굉장히 인기가 있었어요. 그래서 H.R을 런칭했어요. H.R은 HERA의 이니셜이구요. 처음 런칭때부터 Koon. Boon The Shop 같은 멀티샾에서 바잉해줬어요.

MsYL: Where do you get your inspirations from?
Hera: I typically draw inspiration from antique jewelry books and vintage magazines. I love eighties and nineties Vogue magazines since I grew up with them that I have collected a few over time. It’s funny how something old can feel so new again, and that is how I feel when I go back to look at them. You get the “omg can’t believe someone wore that” but then you take another look and it feels refreshing that you become inspired again.

MsYL: 아이디아, 또는 영감?을 어디에서 얻으시나요?
H.R: 저는 유럽쪽의 앤틱 주얼리책들과 오래된 패션잡지들을 자주봐요. 80’s,90’s VOGUE 매거진들도 많이 가지고 있어요. 어릴때부터 보던책이죠. 다시 볼때마다 재밌고 흥미로워요.영감을 받기도 하지요

MsYL: How would you describe the person shopping H.R. Designs?
Hera: Most of my close friends (that are also my loyal customers) happen to work in the fashion industry, I would have to say that the person wearing my designs are those individuals who express themselves well, that are style savvy and make the trends work for them.

MsYL: H.R. 주얼리 고객님은 어떤 사람들인가요?
H.R: 제가 패션피플들과 친하게 지내다보니 아무래도 자기를 잘 표현할줄 아는 트랜드에 민감한 사람들, 샐러브리티와 그들의 스타일을 좋아하는 Young People 들이예요.

MsYL: Who are your current or all-time favourite Designer(s) and why?
Hera: My all-time favourite Designers are CoCo Chanel who redefined modern classics. And Vivienne Westwood, there is something about her energy and passion that I have the utmost respect for her.

MsYL: 현재 (아님 항상) 종경하는 디자이너(들), 그리고 왜 좋아하시는지?
H.R: CoCo Chanel 세련된 스타일이 뭔지를 알려준 디자이너. Vivienne Westwood 나이를 초월한 에너지와 열정을 존경해요.

MsYL: I love the bold designs behind your pieces, what is the story behind the knuckle rings?
Hera: Firstly, Thank You ^^ – If you take a look at European history and its royalty, the theme amongst Knights and Kings were the maltese cross, so I wanted to update this significant symbol in my own interpretation. I am also focusing on various different styles to the knuckle ring, and am in the works of some new designs as well.

MsYL: 주얼리 디자인들이 아주 독특 하세요, 저는 개인적으로 knuckle ring들이 정말 좋아요, 그 디자인들은 어디에서 영감을 얻었나요?
H.R: 감사합니다^^유럽의 오래된 초상화들을 보면 왕들과 귀족들이 너클링을 많이하고있어요.더 스타일리쉬하게 표현할수 있는 아이템같아요. 더 많은 디자인으로 당분간 너클링에 집중하고 싶어요. 제가 여러가지로 스타일링 제안도 하고 있구요.

MsYL: How would you describe your local style scene, and does that make or cramp your style? If not the local scene, what other Cities/Countries inspire your own personal style and why?
Hera: Rather than describing a local style scene, as it is rather challenging because Seoul has so many different styles by district that it is hard to choose just one. But I love the concept of mixing high and low – I can see someone incorporating H.R Jewelry with Celine and Uniqlo to their style.

MsYL: Hera님은 지방의? local 스타일을 어떻게 표현하시겠어요? 예를들면; 홍대/강남/ 지역별로 스타일이 달를거예요? 언니의 개인 스타일은 어디 구역인가요? 아니면, 어느 나라/도시 스타일이 개인 스타일이랑 제일 맞나요?
H.R: 글쎄요..어느 지역, 스타일로 구분하고 싶지 않아요. 구분할수 없구요. Celine 과 Uniqlo를 같이 입을수 있으면 좋겠어요. H.R이 원하는 컨셒이기도 하구요.

MsYL: What is next for H.R. ? can we be expecting new designs? and when?
Hera: I am designing even when I am not designing. I will also be collaborating and doing some custom work with my favourite Korean Artists, something I have always wanted to do. And next year, H.R Jewelry will be celebrating its 10th year and considering an exhibition, and expanding to the international market.

MsYL: 앞으로 H.R. 계획은 뭔가요? 새로운 디자인 기대해도 되나요? 언제쯤 공개하실거예요?
H.R: 디자인은 계속하고 있어요. 제가 좋아하는 아티스트랑 콜라보레이션, 커스터마이징하고 싶었는데 곧 할거같아요^^ 지금 진행중이라 다음에 말씀드리겠어요. 원했던 일이라 광장히 신나고요. 또 내년이 H.R 이 10년이 되는해라서 전시도 생각중이예요. 물론 해외 세일즈도 관심있구요.

MsYL: What is one random / interesting fact about you?
Hera: Alot of my younger friends look up to me, and often consider me as their mentor. I hope this doesn’t come off as bragging because that isn’t my intention at all. I mention this because I too, am fascinated and humbled all at the same time, and find it interesting (similarly as my friends do) haha ^^

MsYL: Hera님의 한가지 흥미있는 사실이있다면?
H.R: 어린 친구들이 저를 많이 따르고 좋아해요. 저를 멘토로 생각하는 친구들도 꽤 있구요. 자랑 아닙니다. 하하
친구들도 항상 신기하다며 부러워 해요. 아무래도 디자인할때 이런 환경이 도움이 되는거 같아요.

MsYL: Which of the pieces is your personal favourite? And why? (any tips on how you would personally style your favourite piece)
Hera: My personal favourite are the bracelets from my Chain Series. It basically goes with everything and anything. I typically style mine with three additional bangles as a means to stack.

MsYL: H.R.콜랙션 중에, Hera님의 개인적으로 좋아하시는 작품은요? 그리고 그 이유는요? (그리고 Hera님은 어떻게 그 작품을 스타일링 하실거예요? )
H.R: 체인 팔찌 시리즈들을 좋아해요. 하나 혹은 어떤 주얼리와도 어울려요. 저는 체인 팔찌와 뱅글을 3개이상 레이어링하지요.


MsYL: What is your next favourite piece of accessory that you must have with you at all times? What brand, and why?
Hera: These days I am loving gold accented jewelry and have been sporting them more lately, and will probably carry this look through the winter. The other thing I have been turning to lately are my Nike’s – with  so many places to go and people to see, and because I have been making more of an effort to walk, I practically live in my sneakers. Though there’s so many fashionable sneakers out there, I think Nike’s are my best bet.

MsYL: 주얼리 다음, Hera님이 가장 좋아하시는 악세사리 (가밤? 신발? 모자? 등등) 이중에 항상 가지고/입고/신고/ 다니는 이유, 메이커/상표 그리고 왜 그 메이커/상표 인지요)
H.R: 저는 요즘 골드 쥬얼리를 하고 다녀요. 아마 겨울 내내 하게 될거같구요. 또 가장 자주 이용하는건 NIKE예요. 활동량도 많고 많이 걸어다니고 싶어서 주로 스니커즈를 애용하죠. 트렌디한 스니커즈도 많지만 나이키가 최고인듯해요.


I know that, just a few years ago this connection would have been nearly, if not, impossible, never mind discovering popular brands and designers overseas but even connecting with them directly. So progression has turned for the best.

For someone who is a veteran in the fashion industry, Hera is so amazingly warm hearted and down to earth. To think that she still finds it amazing that people would think of her as a mentor just reflects that modesty and humbleness still exists today. We can all learn a thing or two, because I know that I sure have.

Thank You Hera for opening up your heart and doors to H.R Jewelry. Your beautiful characteristics truly reflect in your work. And am truly grateful for our new found friendship.

Visit to swoon and covet over their amazing work! Or follow H.R Jewelry on Instagram for some beautiful and bold jewelry inspirations.

Fingers crossed that she expands her line internationally, so that we can all get our hands on these amazing pieces!

Thanks for reading!

Do you know or have a favourite Designer that you like? What do you think about the new ways the internet have us connecting? I would have to say my experiences have been amazing and priceless to-date! Discuss on the comments below!

Yvette xo