The Holy Grail Of Photo Editing Apps

If only everything was as easy as running something through a mobile app and applying filters to it – life would be perfect, wouldn’t it? No? Ok, then. So after a few years of Instagramming people still ask me, “how do you get your pictures to look like that?” or, “what filter/app are you using?” so I decided to share the mother of all, the holy grail of photo editing apps on this post. You are welcome very much.

Finding a good photo-editing app is sort of like shopping for makeup. You splurge for the fancy name for its bells and whistles only to find that it does nothing for you, but the one next to it, which costs next to nothing, works like a charm. Like many of you, I am still figuring things out by; trying new filters, while exploring for new apps, all while using a variation of the apps below for my Instagram photos.

The Holy Grail Of Photo Editing Apps


For basic editing; like adjusting the brightness and contrast, perspective and details of a photo. Snapseed’s really handy because it also allows you to fix specific parts of your photo (e.g. exposure, saturation) without affecting the rest of it. There’s also a tool that helps to remove stuff on, say, a white wall, so you get a more uniformed background throughout.
Learn more about it here.


For its various filters, of course. I like having options when selecting the best filter to express the message I want to convey from my image. You can also frame your photo with a white border, Afterlight even allows the border’s thickness to be adjusted. It’s all down to the scientific details folks.
Learn more about it here.


This one is perfect for situations when I want to capture a panoramic view. Yes, I am very much aware of the panorama setting on my iPhone camera thankyouverymuch, but this captures a much sharper, truer and holistic shot to what your eyes see and project on image. Wish I knew about this when I was in the Maldives – or when at the Great Wall!
Learn more about it here.


This one is by Adobe, think of it as a pocket-sized photoshop all in the palm of your hand. While obviously it doesn’t have all of it’s features of a full PC version, it packs a small impactful punch for your phone images. This one is also able to remove backgrounds that you do not want. And if you are used to using the software, then you will definitely appreciate the app-on-the-go.
Learn more about it here.


Oh where, Oh where, would I be sans, life without VSCO is like the Sky without blue. But seriously, I saved this for last because VSCO (much like Afterlight), is my go-to for photo filters. I don’t have a particular favourite, as it’s more dependent on the mood that I want to portray – but how it depicts those exact moods by filters is beyond me. Sometimes I feel like VSCO just gets me (as it gets you). You feel?
Learn more about it here.


So there you have it. Surprised that they are nothing of the new? Sorry to disappoint!

Have better apps to recommend? Let us know in the comments below! #sharingiscaring

Yvette xo