My Skincare Journey Begins And Its Personal

Some people splurge on shoes, yes I still do that. Some people splurge on daily coffee, yes I still do this too. And moreso recently is when I started to splurge on skincare. So technically, I never cut down on any splurging per se, but that’s besides the point. I also used to believe that splurging on expensive products was THE ultimate solution, and evidently it’s not. I realized because I don’t wear foundation or concealer on a day-to-day basis, there was no turning back on my expensive routine. And this is where my skincare journey begins and its personal.

My Skincare Journey Begins And Its PersonalSo let’s back up for a minute.

At its worst last year, my face was flaky, sensitive and oily, with one of those monthly pimples (yes, in my thirties and I still get bloody pimples!) that would not go away no matter what. Thinking I’d make my skin look better, I bought four new foundations in the span of a few months. Surely, it was the foundation, right?

Of course not. Even a nice foundation will look like shit if you don’t have good skin. For which I never ended up using the foundations. So, unbeknownst to me at the time, I headed down a skincare rabbit hole that would lead me to spend a big chunk of change.

It was only two falls ago, I was using Muji’s moisturizer and foaming cleanser. This wasn’t helping my occasional milia, dehydrated skin and monthly hormonal acne. Quite the contrary.

What I learned from Dermatologists (time and time again) was that good skin starts with proper cleansing and hydration. And what creams you decide to use <insert your favorite brand here> is dependent on what your skin is trying to tell you, so make sure to listen.

It took a whole year to figure it out and I am still listening and learning. But this journey has not only tested my patience but my skeptism. Deep inside you hope that you will look like the flawless model on the ad, but reality is even after weeks of use you don’t really see much difference.

These are currently some of the serums and face wash on heavy rotation at my vanity table.

I also have a weekly face mask ritual, and these are my must-haves. I typically rotate depending on my skin woes that week.

Have you checked out my 12 day challenge with Philosophy? Since I use their Purity face wash with my clarasonic on a weekly basis, I was really excited to try their “Philosophy’s New Ultimate Miracle Worker Fix for Eyes” for twice daily (AM & PM) for 12 consecutive days straight. And the results were pretty satisfying, especially with depuffing and brightening my under eye.

There really is no “youthful” secret or alternative but preventative care. Start with proper cleansing and hydration and then add all the sprinkles and glitters.

Thanks for reading!

YL xo

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