Shades For Transition

If you know me by now, I LOVE and practically live in sunglasses. If I could wear them indoors without looking like doing the whole douche-baggery thing; as you see them wearing it inside clubs or somewhere dim and dark, I probably would. A perfect way to have shades for transition, don’t you think?

That’s why I am always on a mission to find interesting pairs. Sunglasses really complete my outfit, or any outfit for that matter and bring out a whole other mood to the photos too. Aside from the obvious shoes and bags as accessories, sunglasses are the perfect addition to complete a style. Like today’s featured outfit post, my shades for transition into fall (or lack thereof for where I am currently) BUT that doesn’t stop me.

And since moving to Singapore I have been perusing the web stores more frequently. It’s just so much more convenient. So when I discovered SmartBuyGlasses at really good price points with an awesome selection of my fave brands, I was stoked! I am all about classic shapes and silhouettes, and the RayBan Wayfarers have always been one of my ‘go-to’ everyday shades, so when the ffoldable rendition make its debut, you can bet I kept a close eye on those! And sure enough I got my hands on the matte yellow ones which I thought would make a fun addition to my sunglass collection.


Since Singapore is at a constant 29 degree temperature all year round, I still wanted to celebrate the transition of Fall in my own way! So I grabbed the lightest fabric of a trench coat and decided to explore the Gardens by the Bay. My hubster and I have this thing about playing tourist every weekend by picking a new place to explore, so this week we did just that.

And decided to take my new sunnies for this featured outfit post! Gardens by the Bay – I will admit the name didn’t sound as appealing to me – I thought, meh, gardens, probably a greenhouse with some random flowers, not my cup of tea, you know? But the one here in Singapore, is almost like you are stepping into a Jurassic Park? For those of you that have visited, I wonder if you get what I am saying? But this beautiful place is truly like no other, and I hope my photos can speak for itself.

Walking through the Gardens’ futuristic Supertrees makes you feel like an ant. But once I am up and strolling through the 128 metre-long aerial walkway, 22 metres above the ground, the experience and view is like no other.

I love how my new sunnies compliment the tone of my coat! Ray-Ban’s c/o SmartBuyGlasses

And walking into the Cloud Forest dome is by far one of my favourite “Gardens” I have visited to date. I wanted to capture it through the mirrored reflection from my RayBans, it truly is breathtaking and like no other. Just surrounded by vegetation and hidden floral gems that ‘disappear’ into the clouds.

smartbuy-rayban-sunglasses-mbsThe green wall of plants, shrubs and flowers; pictured above is what they call the “mountain” standing tall at 35 metres, and where you take the elevator and walk down the walkway.

So of course an outfit post on set was due! The pop of yellow from my coat and sunnies really contrast to all the greenery surrounding me.

As we were leaving, the sky was emitting some unreal purple hues, so I had to capture this moment.

On a side note – the other best thing about these Foldable Wayfarers is that it’s so compact that you will have more room in your bag!

If you’re looking for an online place to shop for sunglasses, check  out SmartBuyGlasses, what’s really commendable is that they have a ‘buy one, give one program‘ where they donate a pair of glasses for every pair sold.

Not only am I purchasing an item for style, but supporting a great cause in doing so.

Enjoy your weekend!

Yvette xo