Sudio VASA Blå is Music to My Ears

I think it’s pretty unanimous when it comes to music being an essential part of our lives, it can instantly affect our mood and emotions. So we can agree that sound is probably the next important thing to music, right? When it comes to earphones, while it’s a personal choice, to me, this is probably as equally as important as my playlist. The Sudio VASA Blå is music to my ears, and I’ll tell you why.

Sudio VASA Blå is Music to My Ears

Music is integrated to so much of our lives, I literally am listening when I’m walking, exercising, reading, writing, traveling, lounging by the pool, and commuting to and from work. And the activities go on and on. So a great pair of quality earphones is what I look for when listening to music on the move. I’ve spent money on beats, bose, skullcandy, you name it, but something was always lacking.

So call it timing, but I recently received a pair of Sudio Sweden earphones to review. My Sudio VASA Blå earphones embodies cutting edge engineering techniques and minimalist design that is intuitive and ergonomic. And you know my enthusiasm when it comes to design and functionality coming into harmony.

Some features of the Sudio VASA Blå Earphones;
Stylish design with rose gold/gold encased around the ear speakers.
New generation 2 mm driver has been developed to give the listener a true studio experience.
Compatible with all bluetooth devices.
Light AF
Connect to your smart phone to pick up phone calls and also control your phone with the 3-button remote control.
Battery able to last up till 8 hours of continuous-play.
Frankly speaking, I was pretty excited when I received my Sudio Sweden package from DHL because the entire packaging and branding of the product were so minimalist and chic and no effort was spared to ensure that we received a piece of quality product in our hands.


And in all honestly, prior to receiving them I was a little skeptical because I have seen them on popular blog Instagram feeds, etc., but I have to say after trying them for a week, they have become my daily earphones.

The sleek minimal design and quality sound for the price, I would give them a 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s certainly exceeded my expectations beyond the “looking pretty” with it’s sound quality.

The Sudio VASA Blå is designed for everyday lifestyle that care for audio and music experience and I am loving this compact, sweat-proof, noise cancelling in-ear earphones.


Entertainment aside, I have used the earphones to pick up phone calls and was impressed by its crisp and excellent call quality.

I can’t express enough how much I love to use the Sudio VASA Blå when I am in the gym or jogging outdoors for the wireless freedom it offers as it is so simple to use and hassle free!

All opinions expressed are my own. And if you would like to purchase one to try for yourself, use my promo code ‘msyolee’ for 15% off.

Yvette xo