Could be a new word. As we are all guilty of it. With the endless resource to fashion and style bloggers and instagramers, and the vicious cycle we go through of (impulse) shopping – or worse – getting sucked into trends. Trendency could be just as bad, if not worse than #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

trendency: tren·den·cy/ˈtrendənsē/ [noun] An inclination to trends. “it is not the followers but the Bloggers who have trendencies to the latest and greatest in order to stay relevant.”

I am stuck somewhere in the middle between investing in the basics and classics, but to keep things interesting, every now and then I do hop on the trend-wagon. Especially on accessories like sunglasses, I have your classic go-to styles handy but sometimes you want that slightly lighter shade, different frame, while not breaking the bank for each and every variance.

So when SelectSpecs asked me to review their “Savannah 8121” Sunglasses from their Private Line, I initially had my doubts. How can cheap sunglasses compete with all other major brand name labels on their site? I could not help but notice the flat frame, as most of you will know the original Ray-Ban Wayfarers’ frame is slightly angled. And sure enough these fit my face so much better with their subtle, unique rubber effect to the matte frame finish. (This finish is like icing on the cake, the solution to no-bridge no-slip complex! woot!) I am enjoying these more than any of my other sunglasses at the moment and its become apart of my daily wardrobe.

And you know I would not be reviewing let alone writing about something I did not believe in, quality is not compromised for the inexpensive value. I have already had a few of you inquiring about them. And relevant to my point about trendency, you can get sucked into it but if you approach it properly; for example, if you had $15 dollars you were going to spend on a pair of cheap sunglasses and was going to buy at H&M or Zara, these are probably $15 dollars well spent at SelectSpecs.

The price tag to these sunnies are on point, which makes trendency apropos.

Do check them out at as they come in other colours.

Yvette xo