Gift Guide For Men 2014

It is that joyous time again! And my 2014 installment of gift guide for that special guy(s) in your life. Happy Holidays!

If Lululemon was THE activewear for women, then Aether is the modern urban sportswear for men. The simple designs with tactical materials create an updated version of classic outer menswear.

I hate that men have this notion of anything beyond soap and shaving cream, and that they are crossing to the ‘fruity’ or ‘metro-sexual’ zone. But little do they know that men also need to treat their skin. Skin is skin, regardless of gender. There are good creams and unnecessarily expensive creams and it is just a matter of budget. Baxter’s price points are reasonable and according to my husband, their shaving cream and lotions are the ‘good stuff’. The travel kit is a great idea if your man travels a lot since most hotel toiletries are harsh, so treat your man to a little luxury for his next trip.

Can I just say, I never really gave two thoughts about shaving for men.  I don’t think they cared so much for it either. But after my last trip to New York in 2012 and discovered Art of Shaving products and a potential gift idea for my husband, this made me do more research on the subject. One obvious thing that I came to realize is that razors are important, especially if you shave regularly. So a good blade, just like a good kitchen knife, is essential for a man. These products by Harry’s are beautiful quality at a great price point. This will be a double treat for your man because you will be closing in on his smoother skin.

Now, I know that we are in the age of smartphones and tablets, providing access at our fingertips has become a necessity. While there are tech gloves designed for touch screens, I thought it would be nice to go traditional and help your man keep warm with these winter essentials. Now you can both enjoy a brisk walk holding hands without him focused on his gadgets. 

What I have come to notice and realize is that men care about aesthetics just as much as practicality. There are so much more varieties for men to choose from. If he prefers to be hand-free then a leather backpack can update his look. Or a classic messenger style is always a great go-to style as well.

Nespresso machines are awesome. If you and your man enjoy a nice brew of expresso then this is one great gift to treat yourselves with everyday – we have one and use it all the time. The item in the centre is a travel size kit with all the ingredients (minus the alcohol of course) to make a classic old fashioned! So that when you and your man travel, he can treat himself to his very own specialty cocktail in the comfort of his own economy seat.

Another gift idea is to select a theme, in this case, say you have a vacation coming up to somewhere tropical, then a few poolside, beach-y items to make him look forward to the trip will make his gift extra special. Plus, this will save you on the last minute pre-vacation plan shopping!

So you are probably looking at these items and thinking “he would never wear that.” But that’s just it. Men don’t buy anything outside of what they know and need. We, on the other hand, do – and sometimes to another level. So if your man already has all the basics down, then you can add the ‘fun’ to his wardrobe. That way, come spring/summer for wedding season, he can express his own individuality with that “fun” accessory. So if he likes to wear sunglasses all the time, the glass cuff links can be his replacement for the special occasion so that he isn’t literally wearing them in all the photos and hiding his handsome face!

Scotch glass apparently makes a world of a difference to scotch aficionados (like my husband), or if he is the man of the grill come barbecue season, this is a really cool book on all about MEAT!

And for those neat freaks! (This one is near and dear to me, as I am dubbed to be the Monica Geller from FRIENDS of organization) So if his stuff lying around just makes you crazy, and you know that he likes collecting watches, jewelry or cuff links, a manly organizer is something he will appreciate.

Under garments, we often overlook, but men love being pampered as much as we do. Though they don’t go all out, a great robe, sleepwear, or slippers is something he will appreciate in the long run (he just doesn’t realize it at that given moment, but he will come around and thank you later).

Some fun knick knack ideas, the Bellroy‘s slim sleeve wallet is all the rage at the moment for men that do not like bulging pockets. It is compact, durable and come in an assortment of colours (pictured far right). Another really cool book is THUG Kitchen that’s got all the grub recipe you will ever need. I actually got this for myself to think of creative dishes that men often like and to cook for my husband. You know the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” or something along those lines.. despite the controversy of the ‘racist’ title,  it’s got a great compilation of recipes.

Another thing I discovered which are available on Amazon were the Amazon Fire TV (similar to the Apple TV) that has been all the rave in every Men’s magazine – and the Amazon Fire Stick. Or if he is the PS4 or XboxONE fanatic, then either of these games are probably on the top of their list.

And there you have it. Hope some of these ideas help! I would love to hear some of your purchases on the comment section below!

Yvette xo