Hi, Hello, How Are Ya 2020?

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Oh haiiii, Hi, Hello, How are ya 2020?

It really has been a hot moment, hasn’t it? But let’s not talk about that. Life happened and I had to pause creativity to tend to real life. Not to say this isn’t real, but it isn’t, or is it? We could argue this one way or another, but yeah, no, not today.

Despite all the signs telling me to continue writing, I was struggling. Not just with writer’s block, but from the saturation of endless and often times mindless scrolling on social media and just being mentally exhausted from sometimes quality – but often garbage and oh-so-very-vain content. It’s been mind-numbingly painful to say the least.

If I had to reflect and describe how the past year has been, I would say 2019 had been life changing. I went through losses; the pain, the suffering, the learnings and through it all, I grew the fuck up. And sad to say that life was fucking cruel, it doesn’t wait for you to heal or get better. Life just keeps going. You also learn how others cope and their level of compassion and EQ or lack thereof, people need to understand that everyone handles grief differently, you just need to keep that in mind before you verbal diarrhea unnecessarily. So what did I do? I let time heal the wounds, leaned on my loved ones for support and just. kept. going. Life really does not stop for anyone. I am a true believer of things happening for a reason, but also something you don’t say when you someone’s in mourning.

Maybe one day I’ll go more into the details and I apologize if I sound so ambiguous, but for now I think this is a good place to pick up where I left off. So hi, hello, how the hell are ya? We are only in month three of 2020 and covid-19 aka coronavirus has just taken over the world, hasn’t it? Since I am stuck at home I thought to myself, why the hell not! It feels like I’m blowing dust off an untouched piano, and you know how dusty that shit can get.

I sort of partially shared how torn I felt on my recent Instagram post about what was/wasn’t appropriate to post in terms of content during these current times, and I was already feeling mad at the world for any stupid and ignorant shit, period. – related to anything covid-19. All this information can feel so overwhelming! (And know that you are not alone out there.) And here I am, feeling helpless wondering how I can contribute during these uncertain times. Also why I started posting on my Instagram stories of facts (to help with all the misinformation out there) and other humorous shit for giggles, because I love to laugh and I believe laughter makes the soul feel good. And I surround myself with people that also like to laugh, and we all make each other laugh.

So am I fully back on this? you ask.. For the time being I want to say fifty-fifty and I am reluctant to make any promises because I hate disappointing anyone. The other thing that I have been struggling with, was which platform(s) do I utilize? where is the best place to connect with everyone without torturing myself in creating content for a blog, and then YouTube, or Instagram, or Snapchat, Vine, Vero, Twitter, TikTok, etc., etc. – I know most of you, the loyal audience who’s been around since my earlier days have grown together with me, but do I also want to target the younger demographic? I figure in the end, we are all growing and getting older, so why not. It’s hard enough doing good content for one platform, and if you’re a fellow content creator and hosting on multiple platforms, I commend you for all your time, effort & dedication! If you ever attempted creating content, you may have some appreciation for what we do. Most of you only see the end result, and you may think that it’s easy as taking a picture and posting, but it’s really not. So trying to juggle a corporate job and a blog, ultimately it’s my decision but there are days when I just could not be bothered with creating content. I am human too. So while I try to figure out where I will continue uploading content and the types of content to keep it relevant, I may reach out like this every now and then, for the time being.

And if you enjoyed reading this and have any requests on the type of content you would like to see, drop me a comment below and I will do my best in considering it.

Thanks for reading.

YL xo