Netflix And Chill

netflix and chill

Netflix and Chill – much like you always remember your first.

They say you always remember your first time with anything. Much like the first time you joined Netflix and realized the breadth of possibilities all at your fingertips. Hey, I like to think of myself as an opportunist. On one hand, you’re eager to channel your nostalgia and do a re-run marathon of all your favorite classics, might I add, in HD. And then on the other, you’re itching to try something new. And why not? Heck, even Oggy and the Cockroaches looks promising against Netflix’s black backdrop. But I digress. Can I also say that I all too recently learned the true meaning of “netflix and chill” and I had been using it the literal way up until that point? Well who would’ve thought?!

If you just joined the black hole, I mean, the wonderful world that is Netflix, and you feel like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to unravel all the gifts, let me give you some starter points with the latest and greatest – so that you’re not feeling left out the next time your friends/colleagues are discussing shows. From one TV addict and serial binge-watcher to another, I’ve got your Netflix starter kit right here.


Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
If you like: 30 Rock, New Girl, Community, feel-good comedies that are occasionally weird but ultimately heart warming.
In a nutshell: After being trapped underground for 15 years with a doomsday cult, 30-something Kimmy Schmidt decides to get her life back by heading to the Big Apple. There, she meets the flamboyant Titus Andromedon and eccentric Manhattan socialite Jacqueline Vorhees. Kimmy’s positivity is so infectious, you can’t help feeling just a little bit happier after each episode. The concept to me was weird af, but I got over it after a few episodes.


Orphan Black
If you like: Stranger Things, Sherlock, films like The Island, sci-fi-thrillers with serious twists and turns.
In a nutshell: Con-artist Sarah gets the shock of her life when she bumps into someone who looks exactly like her at a train station – and again when said person proceeds to jump in front of a moving train. Sarah decides to take her deceased doppelgänger’s identity, but finds herself right in the middle of a messy conspiracy when more lookalikes start popping up.


Bojack Horseman
If you like: Adventure Time, Rick & Morty, grown-up cartoons with a bit of heart and a tinge of trippy.
In a nutshell: The humanoid half-man, half-horse Bojack Horseman finds himself in the middle of a midlife/identity crisis decades after his successful TV show Horsin’ Around. With the help of his part-cat agent/ex-girlfriend Princess Caroline and the fully human Todd and Diane, Bojack tries to get back into the entertainment biz. The show is better than the trailer – jussayin.


Stranger Things
If you like: American Horror Story, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, ’80s horror movies like like A Nightmare on Elm StreetCarrie and The Thing
In a nutshell:
A boy mysteriously disappears and his distraught mother is convinced that he is alive. Eleven, a girl with super-cool psychokinetic abilities, appears at the spot he was last seen. Meanwhile, icky, otherworldly black stuff starts appearing in creepy places and more people start to go missing. I usually don’t cave to hype, but this one is definitely worth it. I actually started at like 8pm on Friday and couldn’t stop until the last episode that took me to the dawn of Saturday morning.


If you like: Game of Thrones, The Tudors, Vikings, science fiction and period drama mash-ups
In a nutshell: It’s a little surprising that this show isn’t more popular! Based on a series of novels by Diana Gabaldon, Outlander follows Claire Beauchamp, a World War II nurse who travels back in time to 18th Century Scotland after falling through a mysterious circle of stones. There, she meets Jamie, a strapping Scotsman, and Black Jack Randall, the show’s big bad who looks exactly like her husband back in the 20th Century. Just like Game of Thrones, for some reason, I just can’t get into it. Shocker! I know!


Black Mirror
If you like: Mr Robot, Sherlock, can’t-decide-if-it’s-dystopian-or-utopian movies like Her, Blade Runner, Ex Machina, dark satires on modern life
In a nutshell: An anthology series – every episode stands on its own with a different cast – that takes the technology and situations we have in this modern world to extreme ends. It is interesting, but also a little unsettling when you realize that the stuff that goes on in Black Mirror could all be possible one day. Scary! Tell me about it!


If you like: Jessica Jones, The Flash, Arrow
In a nutshell:
Just saw Suicide Squad and presently on a superhero high? Based on the Marvel vigilante of the same name – not that movie that no one talks about anymore – Daredevil is centered around Matt Murdock, who becomes blind after a childhood accident but gains heightened senses in return.


Bachelors In Paradise
If you like: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and all things reality TV with tears, drama, laughs and more drama.
In a nutshell:
All your rejects and favorites from previous seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette plopped on a deserted island to find/rekindle romance – I admit I only got into it because of my Colleagues at work, but now I look forward to the weeks. While I am definitely not a die hard fan of anything reality, but every now and then for entertainment purposes, why the hell not. And in the latest season, The Chad is back! Don’t judge me.

So, which show are YOU going to binge watch next? Tell us what other shows need to be on my play list. #sharingiscaring

Yvette xo