SiammPatra 2016 Lookbook Project

These images are stills from SiammPatra 2016 Lookbook Project. You can read all about the Fashion Jewelry line SiammPatra and my interview with their Head Designer Anita Jacob, here.

When Anita and I got talking about how she wanted to take her site to the next level, we talked about putting a lookbook together for SiammPatra’s Bedazzled SS15 Collection, each uniquely handcrafted cuffs were bold enough to make a statement on its own that I figured monochrome shades to canvas the outfit wouldn’t be entirely missed either.

I envisioned New York City lifestyle elements, which meant your notable yellow taxis in Soho, but most importantly that attitude. This is the minutia that separates New York City’s style from any other.


What’s important about New York City dressing is the New York City girl. If you were to look into the closet of any woman across America-and-beyond, you can rest assure that you will probably find at least some iteration of a pair of slim jeans, a white blouse, and an ankle boot. But what makes the New York girl arguably (though, of course, not always) more compelling to observe is the city she occupies and how those coordinates have forced the definitive yet elusive factors that make her style just…so New York.

If the Parisienne can do effortless and minimalistic in their sleep, New Yorkers are all about effortless and a bold statement to express their individuality with a shit-carefree attitude.

These SiammPatra pieces from their Bedazzled SS15 Collection truly embodies that, so be sure to check it out.

Yvette xo