Take My Picture

An interesting video that I stumbled upon that I felt was a topic on the rise more and more. First with Suzy Menkes Circus of Fashion on T Magazine, and my rebuttal here. And now with Tim Blanks and his perspective on the plague of what is street style during fashion week. What I find more interesting are the Bloggers and Photographers that they interview, and their take on it as well. If it weren’t for these Photographer taking interest in you, the World would not know that you exist, and let alone care for your bane existence. This is my outrage on Bloggers who either lose their shit from all the fame that has clouded their common sense, this sense of ‘entitlement’ and just blogging for the wrong reasons. Watch “Take My Picture” and see the dark side of blogging.

For the veterans or industry professionals, I get it, Bloggers and there are just an abundance of us, and we sort of commanded presence and began sharing similar spotlight as you would. And as for street style Photographers, anyone with a DSLR camera can dub thee a photographer, because really, who can tell, right?

But the world is shifting, the job markets in various industries are changing rapidly. While the veterans versus the new-age setters will always be up for debate, the truth of the matter is, there is never a shortage for anything. And how can you sit there and criticize one’s aspiration to become something or make a name for themselves, when that is probably on most of our agendas anyways? Yes traditionally we worked hard to move vertically, and this was our way of measuring one’s success. And yesterday’s theory is truly yesterday’s news because today is another day. That means that today just about anyone can start a blog, a site, a business, and dub themselves CEO, Vice-President, Director, Expert, etc., without the credentials we once longed to accredit, because who has time for that?!

As much as the Fashion veterans and industry professionals complain of the overzealousness of what blogging and street style has become today, they were just as intrigued by this new-age way of connecting with the world with technology and social media. Fashion opened its doors, and the gates of the once prestige and coveted, is now dangling off its hinges with the tourists to the fashion world. If street style photographers are the tourists, the plenty of fashion muses are just the various animals in the zoo. Yes street style is the reality version of Fashion, just like reality shows are of TV. It is loud, obnoxious and just screaming for attention. But there is  hope to this, as I had mentioned before, the one thing that irks me, are bloggers who blog for the wrong reasons; fame, free stuff, free events and just shamelessly promoting themselves and attending as many events as possible. But people eventually fall out, whether it is the followers, or the blogger themselves, when they feel that they have squeezed every juice out of it, they will leach onto the next big thing. While the true lovers of style will continue to prevail. In the meantime, I guess I have to take the beating while I am labelled as every other blogger, and hopefully those that truly appreciate what I do, will see the sincerity of my passion.

It feels like, when things get tough, the blame game arises. Why? Because blaming is so much easier than reflecting upon oneself to actually figure out the root of the issue, and see things at a bigger picture. Be thankful for what you have in life. In Tim Blanks’ shoes, you are surrounded by the most elite fashion people around you, embrace it. Do you even begin to comprehend what majority I would do to just hang around those people even for a day?! But you know what, if they are just as snarky and bitter buggers, maybe I wouldn’t want to ruin my day with a room filled with people like that….

Anywho have a look-see on the video below and share your thoughts! I thought some of the stats to be quite interesting. Enjoy!

I knew that Tommy Ton was amazing, but I didn’t know the “what” people would do to have their picture taken by him part! That clip of Anna Dello Russo walking by over and over for Tommy just made me laugh. Because taking an outfit post for my blog is painstakingly awkward for me, so for a Fashion icon to be doing retakes puts me at ease. So there is no wrong or right or a simplified equation to this! At the end of the day, we are all human! Anna Dello Russo and myself alike!

Yvette xo