Ten Fundamentals By Gandhi

Current Mood is sweet and utter bliss, at home waiting patiently as the final details to the new design for this site comes along. And coincidentally, listening to “Sweet Nothing” by Calvin Harris featuring Florence Welch. As I sift through old data and content to transfer over, with a heavy dose of caffeine in tow. I am reviewing the ten fundamentals by Gandhi.

It’s funny how coming from a metropolitan city like Toronto, and now living in Singapore, it’s made me realize how Toronto is a calmer city in comparison. I miss the laid back and carefree attitudes that I once took for granted. Is it because Singapore as a Country is the size of Toronto City? maybe because it is so developed and fast-paced that people just feel like they cannot stop to enjoy themselves or what is going on around them. All I can say is, do not let life pass you by, and remember to enjoy every moment. Reflection in life is something we all need to do, it’s healthy because it may put things into perspective for you, regret is something you don’t.

In the meantime, I wanted to share Gandhi’s top ten fundamentals for making the world a better place, and remember it starts within, meaning oneself.


How’s that for some perspective? Nothing new, is it? But yet, it’s probably the most difficult things to do. Thoughts?

Yvette xo