The Good The Bad Of NYFW SS15

As we conclude yet another Season of New York Fashion Week, while a part of me misses it like crazy, the other side of the sweat and grind of getting to and from in New York traffic jam, trying to hail a cab down, waiting in line, trying best to put a smile while your feet are tortured in your killer heels (hey, at least you look amazing right?) and absorbing all the madness and mayhem of the city itself, and then repeat it for the next 7 days. I am enjoying the calm from the other side of the World, and catching up on all the excitement via web and social outlets. So here is my round-up of the good, the questionable, and the bad of this Season’s New York Fashion Week – here we go!

THE GOOD; the highlights of NYFW SS15 shows.

Proenza Schouler’s cutout-fringe look was just the perfect mix of modern edge. This look had everything I love: a big loose sweater, loads of fringe and some sex appeal in those see-through cut outs, effortlessly chic.


Michael Kors for spring turned to that most classic of American styles: East Coast prep. Garments were cut in traditional shapes: belted A-line dresses, crew-neck pullovers, full skirts and capris. But the look below is by far one of my favourite look! The elegance of the familiar form seems marred by the choice of fabric – think Lily Pulitzer, Lauren by Ralph Lauren and J.Crew in the days before Jenna Lyons. This look as a whole is right on point to modern elegance.


How about at Marc Jacobs’ show? Leave it to MJ and François Nars to take this real, normal beauty thing that’s been happening at all the spring 2015 shows and really put the exclamation point on it. The look on MJ’s runway this season? “Skin care – it’s probably the only show in New York where we’re not going to apply any makeup,” Nars said. “Absolutely no makeup whatsoever. Not one gram of makeup. Only moisturizing lotion and that’s it.”

You might be thinking “Oh, god, not normcore.” But I don’t think that’s what we’re seeing here..


Marc Jacobs truly sets the bar when it comes to providing his guests the full “experience” – for a while now people have been saying that the traditional runway show needs “something new”, and yet the calendar just keeps getting more crowded, but nothing “new” ever comes to play. In a NYFW first, Jacobs partnered with Beats by Dre, who provided headphones for every guest. Without them you couldn’t hear the vocal narrative to accompany the show. “The idea was to put everybody in their own world,” Jacobs said backstage of the immersive experience. “It’s what you make of it.” As for the narrative itself, apparently the idea came from a 1976 short film by John Smith called The Girl Chewing Gum. I have been saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so beauty is what you make of it.

THE DEBATABLE; The buzz around Jeremy Scott’s spring 2015 show, which featured jewelry by Miley Cyrus, was easily the wildest of NYFW. I was just mortified to think the headlines the next day about her twerking or something, but thankfully none of that happened.

But here’s the kicker: Cyrus’s jewelry for Scott’s show — and her appearance in general — wasn’t very shocking at all. Any longtime followers of Cyrus’s Instagram account know that she’s been working on craft projects for some time, including a five-foot-tall bong, some sculptures and jewelry. The appearance of pom-pom necklaces, embellished birthday hats and Coachella (or maybe Burning Man) headpieces at Scott’s show was exactly what anyone who had done six minutes of research (or read her V magazine profile) would expect. And maybe that’s okay, after all the collection, which took inspiration from DIY hippie and music festival culture, was one of Scott’s best of recent memory. High notes included ’60s neon florals, metallic gold leather, Shrek-emblazoned sweaters, faux fur, patchwork, tie dye and so much more. It was like the title cards of “That ’70s Show” had come to life in clothing form, and with the rest of the fashion industry mining that era for inspiration, it only seemed fit for Scott to provide his dramatic and twisted take on the decade’s mainstays. It was also a fairly wearable collection, with A-line skirts that even the most demure girls could love. And the patchwork leather jacket Scott wore during his bow? A sure street style hit.


THE BAD; And then you come across videos like the one below.. sheer and utter stupidity and shameless interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News section, where attendees of New York Fashion Week were interviewed and asked false questions. Where are these people’s dignity? It’s one thing to seek attention of Tommy Ton or Phil Oh for a shameless street style photo, but when you are being interviewed, at least get your facts straight before acting like a fool on camera.

What do you think of the lesser known Designers, what do you think of Chandler Bing? Like seriously? Were they living in the amazon? even amazons have satellite these days… Why do they even bother attending if they are not even going to take it seriously? This is just making sheer stupidity and mockery out of fashion week. And where on earth did they find these people?! These ‘supposed’ NYFW attendees?? Stop the madness!

Anyways this concludes my key highlights from the past fashion week’s madness;

And after watching countless runway shows and catching up for the lost week, my hunch for next Spring’s trends are minimal transitions from the previous and recent seasons, meaning nothing out of this world;

– Cotton Jersey in light and breezy pastels, this fabric is a no-brainer for spring and summer. It drapes perfectly for casual tees and summer dresses alike. Plus, it only gets softer the more you wash it — what’s not to love about that?

– White, though it’s hardly revolutionary to wear white when the weather heats up, but it’s still consistently on the runways each spring season. And who can blame designers? White pairs nicely with just about every other color, lending a crisp edge to brights and a grounding sophistication to black and gray.

– Chambray for obvious reasons, denim is a mainstay, especially in warmer months. Pale blue chambrays are perfect for spring because they’re a lighter weight — super easy to throw in the wash and go. Whether it’s an always on-trend button down or a destroyed denim skirt (which was huge for summer) this is the perfect fabric to mix in with your more daring pieces.

– A-line skirts especially when this silhouette is used on dresses, it creates a pretty and feminine — but not girlish! — effect. On skirts, especially in stiff fabrics like denim, it lends a retro edge to otherwise plain clothes. Either way, this is one you’ll want to stock up on now — pair it with tights to get you through the winter.

– Yellow, the bright hue—specifically lemon, not mustard—popped up in tons of spring 2015 shows including Michael Kors, DVF, and Delpozo. This is the color you’re going to want to nab post-winter.

What were some of your favourite outfits from this Season’s show?

Yvette xo