Definition Of SOAK For Fashions Sake

So here’s where I’m at with the whole flip-flop thing. I would rather go barefoot than see a perfectly good outfit go to waste care of flip-flop-generated destruction. Yes, they are convenient. They make getting pedicures on a whim easier. They’re reliable. They are often water proof and if you have an obnoxious big toe, they sequester it from the rest of the gang. But they’re also too easy. They don’t offer enough character to pull together a look with the kind of charm that, say, a slider does. And along came SOAK, and here is my theory on the Definition of SOAK for Fashions sake and Giveaway details (at the end!) because the creators obviously heard the woes of Fashionistas and myself alike. Because they were on to something. It may quite possibly nod to normcore (outside of the microcosm that is New York, I’d likely be hard-pressed to find such vigilant flop-naysayers) or something the start of something new. But this is most certainly a compliment in every sense because it is becoming an essential staple to our wardrobe.

Definition Of SOAK For Fashions Sake

The way I see it, fashion trend is like Rachael Leigh Cook in that movie, She’s All That. Think about it, all it took for her to become cool was Freddie Prinze Jr. – and the ridiculously shallow removal of her eyeglasses and haircut. Et voilà! Which effectively means high school kids are extremely compliant;  what Monkey see, monkey do. If he says she’s cool, she’s cool. No questions asked. Where fashion is concerned, it seems to me that all it takes to make a pair of shoes cool is for the style equivalent of Prinze Jr. to want to wear them. Of course, for this person to want them, the right designer must be willing to make them. And if the designer is making them (and we’re not a room of cynics who believe that fashion is nothing more or less than a huge commercial manipulation and sometimes joke-on-us), there’s got to be an invested level of thoughtfulness, an inspiration source whether apparent or not, that feeds the creation.

But none of us really get to see the transformation process. So let me reiterate. All it takes for a shoe to become famous is one interesting person.

Some fool-proof case studies:

Clogs, sure, we can blame the 70s, but we can also blame Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2010 show. What is historically recognized as protective footwear, likely with little aesthetic value to add to the current zeitgeist and yet, here we are.

Birkenstocks, I’d like to dub the ‘fashion placebo-effect’ on to Phoebe Philo and her  contextualized creative transformation. I mean, truly, an emblem of jam band culture that the women of fashion’s guard would not have dared to touch even if their lives depended on it, the shoes were co-opted by an illuminating vision (illuminating because we all bought into it) all thanks to Phoebe Philo. I also never thought I’d be wearing Birkenstocks, and yet, here we are.

And because last May, Nicolas Ghesquiere showed multiples pairs of Louis Vuitton flip flops for resort that made zero sense then and still might confound an onlooker now, though not as ludicrous as say, Hedi Slimane’s $495 foam flip flops. But I know why I bought in. We all needed that flip to the flop in a much less damaging way.


I am a true believer that shoes complete the outfit. Just like, one style cue changes the way you think about how you wear stuff. For example, one step forward in a chunky shoe can make all your dainty shoes (the soles of which you had convinced yourself are the essence of your identity) feel dated. And my pair of SOAKS helped me take the first step and changed the way I feel about rubber sandals altogether.

Sure, you’ll first weigh the mysterious sense of awe that I first experienced against my better judgement. You may say ‘I can’t do it’, and shake your head, but deep down you know that if they’re worn properly, they’ll stick. Now, every time I get dressed and map out what I’ll wear, my SOAKS have come to mind and just like that, they have become my Rachael Leigh Cooks.

Not to mention, you will love what SOAKS are about; the soles are recyclable, vegan, eco-friendly, comfortable (they do not pinch!), water happy, stylish and made in Maine.

Definition Of SOAK For Fashion's Sake And Giveaway


Still not convinced? Why don’t you try a pair for yourself. Enter my x Definition of SOAK Giveaway! The Contest has now closed.


Contest ends Friday July 29th, 2016 and 1 Winner will be announced then. ** Opened to US & Canada Residents only.

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Thank You to All those that have participated in my MsYoLee x SOAK Slide Sandal Giveaway!
And Congratulations to Lacey ***e*k****2*** you have been selected at random as our Winner! A SOAK representative will be in touch with you shortly, be sure to check your email!
And as a special thanks to the rest of you that have participated SOAK will also be sending a special little gift, and reaching out to each of you. so stay tuned.

—————- Winner update July 31st, 2016 —————-

You will quickly learn to love and appreciate the sleek design and yet comfortable pair as much as I do! The best new alternative to flip flops, for Fashion’s sake!

Yvette xo