My Geox Nebula Is Like Oatmeal

Case in point: the pictured Geox Nebula™ sneakers which I can’t take off.

Just when we thought we got over normcore, then came the high end brands introducing their concept of wearing gym shoes — think Dior’s bedazzled take on athletic slides, better yet, minimalist all-white trainers matched to Ralph Lauren’s minimalist all-white look — it honestly felt like winning the lottery. For the first time since style blogging, I had landed on a trend that required no extra effort or adjustment period. And I wasn’t complaining. But over time, my answer has evolved to be a complicated one.

Before “Dam Daniel” or designers entered the equation, Nike were just Nike, and Vans were just Vans. I had a couple pairs of each in my closet and would alternate my options on the weekend. Although I sometimes played up their tomboyish nature with more feminine clothes my styling process never came with a deeper sub-context.

It was a slow build, my newfound aversion, something I tried to ignore for the sake of comfort. Which quickly turned into love and appreciation. I often really have to wonder whether or not my strange, unwitting and sudden fashion predilections are a direct result of the sense of manipulation I probably feel upon desiring – or learning that I should desire – to function the same way, sartorially speaking.


Some personal historical context: I had a similar pair in style as these in middle school but that were way less about looking cool and much more about feeling comfortable. In high school, I made contact with something similar again but if I’m going to get really honest about it, I only really wanted them because they came in silver metallics and I thought I’d look like a super cool martian. I know, what the fuck, right?

But here’s the thing about my decision to indulge in them now. I know I’ve been alluding to it at nearly every opportunity that has presented itself since the initial trying and donning the pair, and when I look down at my feet and seriously, actually, for the first time in a long time feel “effortlessly cool,” I have to wonder where that’s coming from. And furthermore, in fact, why the high-fashion labeled sneakers don’t always do the same thing for me.

geox-nebula-beige-msyoleecom-1These Geox Nebula™ sneakers are not the coolest. They are not universally trendy. But they’ve got 3 advanced technology and design features; Superior Performance, 3D Breathing and Comfort Engineering that will make you feel like you’re walking on clouds and making fashion feel functional and comfortable again. The perfect pair in time for Spring.

Maybe, too, it’s another nod to irony. I’ve heard myself say that I love them ironically at least ten times. I’ve had a hard time saying it if the sentiment isn’t tethered to the descriptive, conclusive adjective. Which, of course, means that they cannot and will not be worn with athletic clothes. Ever.

Now you can see why I declared my styling process never came with a deeper sub-context than ever before. And why I am metaphorically comparing my Geox Nebula™ sneakers to oatmeal. Because these classic, no-fuss trainers are like the oatmeal to my wardrobe: nothing fancy or special, yet guaranteed to satisfy every time.

Yvette xo