Poppy Lissiman Worship Clutch

While bags and satchels are always fun, there is another carryall that I love as of late: the daytime clutch. Whether I’m off to an afternoon event, a lunch meeting, or even running a few errands, a clutch is a simple way to give a basic look a major dose of fashionable allure. When using a clutch during daylight hours, I prefer bags in interesting designs with some texture. I especially love to carry a clutch when I know that I am going to be out all day and into the night. Clutches transition well into evening settings since they are bit more dressed up and streamlined. They also tend to have less exposed hardware making them easy to mix and match with various outfits. Like my latest addition from Poppy Lissiman‘s collection called the Worship Clutch.

You may have seen the interview about Poppy Lissiman, but in case you missed it, read all about Poppy Lissiman and her psychedelic clutches. Super simple with a bold symbolism and fun textures. So much fun. I use this clutch all the time. It’s a nice size, they’re comfortable to hold, and they’re especially great for traveling since they take up barely any space. That said I don’t except all of you to travel overseas to find your perfect clutch. There are plenty of lovely options online or even lurking in the back of your closet!


If you have an older clutch that’s seen better days, all it might need is a fresh coat of paint to instantly revamp it. Don’t have an oldie to turn into a goodie? Here are a few fun transitional ones I found online that you can wear year-round:

Luxury price points ($150 – $600):

Affordable (Under $100):

I decided to wear my Poppy Lissiman Worship Clutch during Digital Fashion Week in Singapore since it was a more hipster crowd. But I take this clutch practically everywhere! It’s a perfect day to evening transitional look and such a conversation starter. Everyone has SOMETHING to say about it.

And I got tons of questions on what’s in my bag;

– Mints; when chatting and meeting new people, personal-space-violations are inevitable, and fresh breath just becomes common courtesy.

– Cash; I’m not someone who always carries cash, but there are still places that don’t take debit cards, so having a few small bills on hand for tips and the occasional tin cup, is always a good idea…Especially in big cities.

– Drivers license and credit/debit cards; both of these are probably a no brainer, but they’re also the most fundamental items in your clutch. Before you leave the house, double check that you haven’t these critical plastics.

– Pain reliever; if you’re prone to headaches like me, a pain reliever that’s in reach is a requirement for survival.

– Lipstick & Lipbalm; eating and drinking is your lipstick’s biggest enemy, so it’s crucial to keep some color in your clutch for reapplications throughout the night. I always have my favorite Chanel lipstick and Kiehl’s lip balm nearby to keep my lips hydrated and full of natural looking shine.

– Phone; self-explanatory.

– Pen; believe it or not, pens are a hot commodity!



What are some “clutch essentials” that you can’t leave the house without? Share on the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

-YoLee xo

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