Puma Eskiva

Since relocating to New York City, I quickly learned that walking is the only option (or at least the better), and soon realized that my collection of running shoes have been growing and my looks have become more versatile – or conforming my look to accommodate the runners? Hm, perhaps the latter, but whatever. Streetwear isn’t what it used to be – street style has evolved, trends are getting mashed-up and hybrid styles have emerged.

Running shoes don’t always have to be dressed with leggings. Like my Puma Eskiva inspired by the Puma Gong’s that were originally boxing shoes released in the 70’s. You can say that I was inspired by Muhammad Ali’s quote “Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee.” but not because I was going to deck myself out in a full-on boxing themed look. Because lets face it, that would have been somewhat expected and the obvious. And, Rihanna’s already been there, done-did-it, and to the point where people thought it was a collaboration between her and Puma! (which wasn’t, fyi).


I love how the Eskiva stays true to PUMA’s athletic roots and its original silhouette but fusing it with material to give it a modern update for a sleek finish but not compromising in comfort. So my “Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee.” quote-inspired look has more to do with movement. By choosing this beautiful chiffon & silk blended pleated skirt, it literally floats as would fluttering wings of a butterfly. And my Eskiva’s bring the punch, like a sting of a bee, to the overall look.

The trick to mixing up athletic kicks to everyday street wear (less leggings!) are with basic wardrobe staples.

1. First, get a stand-out pair; and make a statement, get a pair that are built for comfort, but designed to shit on other people’s shoe game. 

2. Layer Outerwear; the upscale look is not all about suits or pumps. By adding that extra layer (be it a coat, blazer, vest, etc.,) it instantly exudes the cool “effortless” factor.

3. Mix Textures; Whether that be silk, leather, denim, chambray, etc. interesting textures brings life to your look.

4. Pay Attention to your Socks; whether they are bright or bold with patterns. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

5. Make Sure whatever your bottom is, is Tailored; since sneakers are as casual as it gets, you want to make sure that everything else you are wearing is more polished and well-fitted, and tailored to your height.

My Puma Eskiva is definitely easy to incorporate to everyday street wear.

They will be available on October 26th exclusively at select Foot Locker locations (with additional colourways releasing in Spring 2016).

Thanks for reading.

Yvette xo