Summoning Color

Today is more photographic proof that shiny stuff are greater than normal stuff, behold I am summoning color: metallic accessories to give your outfit some pop of colour and fun.

Luckily I was able to get one shot from last week’s festivities with my new Poppy Lissiman Monster Evil Clutch. I have been drawn to metallics and bold colours lately, and my love for evil eyes is still going strong. I wanted something unique and special for the event.

And while I am on the topic, I summon you to look down.



My dress is from NastyGal; Shoes from Prestige; Clutch from Poppy Lissiman.

If you missed my Q&A session with the cool Designer, read all about it here and I took her sound advice on keeping my outfit simple with a solid colour to give it that extra ‘pop’ factor. And did it ever!

I have to admit, I felt somewhat self-conscious since my daily uniform consists of denim and shades of black, white and grey. So the idea of sporting colour made me much more conscientious of myself, but then began to realize that it was all about having fun, and I was getting a ton of compliments on them.

And suddenly in dawned on me, that we take ourselves way too seriously, and too scared to try new things. We cloud our minds with worries of what others will think and judge, and little do we know that these people are worried of those exact thoughts too. And because we spend more time worrying we lose that time and opportunity to try new things.

If I can do it, then so can you. I dare you to try something new. Accessories can be luxurious but can also be affordable fun things too.

-YoLee xo

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